NBA Rumors: Spurs to acquire Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel from Sixers?

NBA Rumors: Spurs to acquire Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel from Sixers?

The San Antonio Spurs showed their age when they got eliminated in the 2016 NBA playoffs by the much-younger Oklahoma City Thunder. According to the latest NBA rumors, the Spurs may try to acquire Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel from the Philadelphia 76ers.

Despite a franchise record 67 wins this season, the maturity of the Spurs were not enough to overcome the Thunder. San Antonio still has the pieces headed by Kawhi Leonard to do it again next season but they need get younger in order to keep up with other western conference powerhouses like the Thunder and Warriors.

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ESPN noted in their report that the Sixers have made Okafor and Noel available. The Philly front office is gauging the interests on both players and they will likely pull the trigger on a trade at the 2016 NBA draft.

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According to Ian Smith of Air Alamo, the Spurs don’t have the necessary draft picks to offer but they have veteran players capable of helping a young team. Smith noted that the possible trade candidates for San Antonio are Kyle Anderson, Boris Diaw, Tony Parker, Danny Green and Patty Mills.

The Sixers may view Anderson as too young while Diaw is already a 34-year-old reserve big man. On the other hand, Parker is a capable leader that can help Philly’s core of young players and Mills is a proven bench guy who can explode in limited playing time.

Green is the best trade asset the Spurs have because of his defense and three-point shooting. However, it would very hard for the Sixers to resist other offers that involve a high draft pick. The Celtics and their 3rd overall pick have been linked with Okafor and Noel ever since the draft lottery.

Okafor is a scorer while Noel is a defensive anchor that can rebound and block shots. The Spurs already have a low post scorer in LaMarcus Aldridge, so Noel looks the better fit in San Antonio. If the Spurs pull off the trade, it will increase their chances to go after Mike Conley in free agency.

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Nonetheless, these are all just speculations at this point. The Spurs will get a clearer answer about their future when Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili make their decisions regarding retirement.

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  • Henry K

    Latest rumor…Jahlil Okafor being traded to the New York Liberty for some lightly used pots and pans and a fresh bottle of estrogen. Jesus, get a life. Nobody’s sending Okafor to San Antonio for that washed up pile of #@%@

  • Henry Jones

    If the 76’ers traded Okafor to Boston their #3 pick I’m sure both teams would be very happy with what they aquire. That’s how a good trade suppose to be.

    • Yeti

      3rd pick and what else…?

      • Henry Jones

        #3 pick and Marcus Smart for Jahlil Okafor

  • Spurs have nobody other than Leonard that the Sixers would trade Okafor for. Waste of an article

  • Steve Bent

    Second time I read a pipe dream like this. We are already complaining about the Teague rumors cause he’s “too old”

    How old is Parker? 53?

  • Steve

    This may be the dumbest idea i’ve seen yet. Why in a million years would philly do that for any of that slop? This is obviously a san antonio writers pipe dream. I swear some people must have to fill space but to put something like this out? Well i’d be embarrassed.

  • Logic Johnson

    “…powerhouses like the Thunder…”

    And then I laughed.

  • Keb0


  • Kamoteng Baging

    Kawhi Leonard + Coach Chip Engeland for Okafor + Nik Stauskas is a better deal for both sides.

    Leonard is overrated but will be a cornerstone in Philly together with Ben and the gang (pipe down Jackson, it’s not that kind of gang). Chip will be the coach-in-waiting after they fired within the next two seasons.

    Okafor will become the next Duncan or at least have him used Duncan’s old locker. Some of his old sweat might rub of and persuade Jah to play defense. Stauskas will finally fulfill his promise in Spurs uniform.