NBA Rumors: Warriors and Stephen Curry’s dominance force the league to move back the three-point line

NBA Rumors: Warriors and Stephen Curry’s dominance force the league to move back the three-point line

The Golden State Warriors’ dominant run this regular season has reportedly forced the NBA to make some changes in their league rules and to tweak some of the current regulations to make sure there is parity in the league in future seasons, according to the latest NBA rumors.

League insiders state that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is frustrated about the turnout of the current season as Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and the corpse of Leandro Barbosa is on their way to breaking Michael Jordan and the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record.

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It is neither known or confirmed if Silver was a Jordan/Bulls fan growing up. The NBA commissioner was born in New York but earned his law degree at the University of Chicago so there is high probability that he jumped on the GOAT’s bandwagon during his younger years.

According to NBA rumors, the league office set a rare emergency meeting after the Warriors’ comeback win over the Utah Jazz last Wednesday. Golden State beat Utah, 103-96 in overtime to get their 68th win of the season—just five wins away from beating Jordan and the Bulls’ record.

Unsubstantiated NBA rumors state that Silver was seething from the Jazz’s stupidity of leaving Thompson free from the three-point area during regulation that the commissioner threw his laptop at NBA Senior Vice President, Team Marketing and Business Operations John Abbamondi, who injured his left eye in the incident.

Silver apologized already to Abbamondi, who is reportedly another Bulls fan and understood his boss’ outburst. Present in the meeting were Christopher P. Arena (Senior Vice President – Identity, Outfitting and Equipment), Mark Aronson (Senior Vice President, Content and Business Affairs), Joe Borgia (Senior Vice President, Replay and Referee Operations), Bob Lanier (VP & Assistant to the Commissioner) and Mark A. Tatum (Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer), among others.

“When Klay missed the first shot, Adam was shouting ‘choke you [expletive]’ but when the Warriors got the offensive rebound, Adam started grabbing his laptop…” Borgia shared to the NBA insider. “By the time Klay hit the shot [to force overtime], the laptop was already flying to John’s face.”

There are unconfirmed NBA rumors that Michael Jordan, majority owner of the Charlotte Hornets, was in the meeting.

Watch Thompson’s game-tying three that forced the OT in the Jazz game and caused Silver to lose his cool:

(Video courtesy: YouTube/Ximo Pierto Final)

Among the league rules changes, effective immediately, as per Silver’s insistence is that the three-point line be moved from 23 feet and 9 inches to 27 feet and five 5 inches.

The Warriors management were reached for comment about the changes but they chose to stay mum about the development.

However, Stephen Curry faced the media when asked about the changes in distance of the three-point line.

“So 27.5 feet now, huh?” Curry said, with a smirk, about the rule change and NBA rumor.

Curry and the Warriors have seven games left in the regular season and they need to go 5-2 to break Jordan and Bulls’ 72-10 mark.

“Fools are without number.”
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Have a happy April 1st, sports world.

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    3 point shots from the sideline will now have to be taken from behind the water cooler after flying over the bench out of bounds.