NBA: Sixers to give Ben Simmons point guard minutes?

NBA: Sixers to give Ben Simmons point guard minutes?

For rookie Ben Simmons, being given the chance to play inside the court would be both a privilege and the chance to show his worth as the Philadelphia 76ers are looking to have him take the point guard post when the season starts.

Sixers coach Brett Brown, who coached Simmons’ father back in Australia, hopes to see how the younger Simmons deal with pressure. Brown stated that he is excited for the new season for the Sixers and for Simmons as well. He added that Simmons has shown potential in spacing the floor, leading the breaks and running down on defense.

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Brown sees a lot of potential on the number one draftee this year. He may not seem to be an ideal point guard, but Brown wants to utilize him in all positions to create a versatile player out of the 20-year-old standout of LSU.

“He’s going to be a facilitator. You’re going to see [Simmons] making plays. The ball will be in his hands and you can call what position you want. He’s certainly going to have the ball in his hands a lot, and everybody will certainly be reaping the benefits of that and truly enjoy playing with him. What we will say is we will give him the ball as much as we can,” Brown said.

Prior to being drafted by the Sixers, many were worried that Simmons would be ineffective on the floor as he has a terrible shooting ability. However, the young Australian is saying that he still has a ton of work to do to improve in all aspects of the game. He added that the summer was a long season for him to work on skills that others may have seen as his weaknesses.

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Simmons said that he is ready to play at a professional level. He added that days of workout in the gym and shooting around have greatly improved his shooting percentage. That is something that other teams should be scared of: having a well-balanced player in Simmons.

Though many can speculate as to what Simmons can and cannot do since he is still a rookie, he is determined to prove his critics wrong and he has 82 games to show that. Brown has seen what others see in Simmons. If he is right, then the Sixers is a team to watch out for this coming season.

Photo Courtesy: TonyTheTiger/Wikimedia