NBA: Tennessee woman tricked in getting Jeremy Lin tattoo, becomes instant fan


A Tennessee woman accidentally becomes a part of the “Linsanity” nation after she was tricked by her friends in getting a Chinese character tattoo, which turned out to be the name of Charlotte Hornets point guard Jeremy Lin.

In an 11-minute video that was posted over at YouTube, Holland Christensen narrates how she got her tattoo and how she became an instant Jeremy Lin fan. The Charlotte Observer reported that Christensen loves to travel and asked her “internet friend” for a Chinese translation of the phrase “likes to travel.” The thing here is that she trusted her “internet friend” that when it was inked into her ankle that was when she knew what it meant.

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Video Courtesy: hollyisyourstar/YouTube

“My first thought was actually, well he’s really attractive, so if nothing else there’s that,” Christensen said.

After getting the tattoo, as they say “the rest is history,” as she became a huge fan of Lin that she went to see his game but was not able to meet up. Then Jeremy Lin posted on social media his new tattoo just as the same with that of Christensen with the caption “Saw this tattoo online and copied it, anyone knows what it means?”

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Lin and Christensen finally met up during the Hornets game against the Miami, wherein they beat the Heat, 89-85 in Game Four of the first round of the Playoffs. Christensen posted that the meeting brought closure to the “tattoo thing” and tweeted that she turned a “mistake into something good.”

The 27-year old Lin may have grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area, but his parents, Lin Gie-Ming and Shirley Lin, were originally from Taiwan of the Republic of China who migrated to the United States in the mid-1970s. Thus, he still knows his roots and has a Chinese name as well.

Photo Courtesy: David Shankbone/Wikimedia