NBA: Thunder fans vents frustration at Durant’s restaurant over his transfer to Warriors

NBA: Thunder fans vents frustration at Durant’s restaurant over his transfer to Warriors

Fans of Oklahoma City Thunder continue to air out their frustration after Kevin Durant has left them and has signed with the Golden State Warriors. This time, they have vented their frustration at Durant’s restaurant he opened back in 2013 in Oklahoma City.

Durant’s restaurant, KD’s, has been the subject of bashing online. This came about when Durant announced through the Player’s Tribune about his decision to join the Warriors last July 4. His announcement was not well-received by the city that has grown to love and support him all throughout his years playing for the team.

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It would be remembered that Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett also expressed his frustration with Durant’s decision to be a “ring chaser.” Cornett stated that Durant deceives them into thinking that his heart was real with Oklahoma City and with the team, the Thunder. As for Durant’s restaurant, people did not simply want to celebrate their independence with them.

“You might as well shut down and sell the place,” one person commented.

“It is truly fitting you are featuring chicken,” said one.

KD is a traitor,” another posted.

Hate statement continues to flood social media against Durant. Even to the point of burning their Durant jerseys as a form of protest against the 27-year old who decided to move on with his career in the NBA.

Even Durant’s former teammates Steven Adams and Enes Kanter traded messages that end up in taking a jab against Durant. Kanter even asked Thunder fans not to burn anymore their Durant jerseys and instead support Victor Oladipo, who was traded to the Thunder along with Ersan İlyasova and the draft rights to Domantas Sabonis in exchange for Serge Ibaka.

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Durant may just have made a decision that would be in pursuit of his of his dream of getting a championship ring. For the Thunder, it’s not the end of the road yet as Durant might be available next year via free agency and their frustrations might haunt them if they would choose to cut him again.

What the Thunder may do now is to get an assurance of Russell Westbrook to re-sign with them next year and hope that Durant would have a change of heart and come back via free agency next year as well. Until then, all the Thunder could do is wait and cheer their team with or without Durant.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr