NBA Trade Rumors: Hornets have ‘pieces’ to trade for Dwight Howard; Jeremy Lin, Al Jefferson likely be included in package

NBA Trade Rumors: Hornets have ‘pieces’ to trade for Dwight Howard; Jeremy Lin, Al Jefferson likely be included in package

The Houston Rockets are reportedly in discussion with the Charlotte Hornets for a potential Dwight Howard blockbuster trade, according to NBA insider Marc Stein of ESPN.

Stein said he was told by a reliable league source about the exploratory talks between the Rockets and Hornets regarding Howard’s availability.

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The Hornets, who just acquired Courtney Lee in a three-team trade with the Memphis Grizzlies and the Miami Heat early Tuesday, became the latest team to express interest in Howard.

Marc Stein of ESPN:

“Sources told that the Hornets and Rockets have held exploratory talks on a potential Howard deal since Houston made him available last week. But one source close to the talks expressed pessimism Tuesday that the sides will be able to find common ground on a deal.”

The Hornets are one game over .500 (27-26) and currently hold the eight spot in the Eastern Conference. However, with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist set to undergo a season-ending shoulder injury and Al Jefferson struggling with knee problems throughout the season, the Hornets are attempting to pull off a huge midseason deadline coup by trading for Howard.

As what Stein reported, there’s a prevailing concern that this trade discussion won’t materialize and eventually die off. The Rockets are asking for a first-round pick in addition to the players they will be getting from the Hornets.

Yet, there remains a glimmer of hope for the Hornets to make this deal happen by putting up an enticing trade package. Charlotte could send the expiring contract of Jefferson, a still promising talent in Kidd-Gilchrist, a veteran playmaker in Lin and a first-round pick to Houston in exchange for Howard (see trade machine).

Jefferson, who is a flat-out double-double machine when healthy, will become an unrestricted free-agent at the end of the season. Howard can join him if he opts from the final year of his deal.

Kidd-Gilchrist (who is under contract for four more years after this season) has a lot of upside left in him despite the injuries, while Lin has been on the Rockets’ radar for quite some time.

On the other hand, the Hornets will finally get a rim protector and a legit superstar who could get them to the next level. Howard is averaging 14.6 points, 12.0 rebounds and 1.5 blocks in 32 minutes per contest.

The Hornets will have until 3:00 p.m on Thursday to decide if they go all in for Howard.

  • Ray B

    As a kid I loved Jordan as a player but I have to say that as an owner Jordan sucks balls. Howard will NEVER EVER get along on the Hornets. It will be a disaster. LOL. I hope they are able to pull off the trade, I love a goods sports train wreck.

    • bsigood

      Excellent, Let him suck monstrous balls. It be fun to see.

  • Kevin

    The Hornets aren’t trading MKG, so this doesn’t make sense at all.

  • Easy Runner

    As a long time Rockets fan ever since Akeem(Hkeem in NBA), Drexler played at UH, also Lin fan, I really dont want to see Lin going back to Houston unless they traded Harden away. IMO, Harden(Kobe also) would kill any ball dominated PGs.

  • Ultimate187

    Not happening. Howard is a declining player, and Charlotte would be stronger keeping both Lin and Al Jeff. On a related note, Lin was never the problem for Houston when he was with them. The Rockets are still garbage.

    • Easy Runner

      ” Lin was never the problem for Houston when he was with them…” partially agreed, Lin should be much better, IMO. Lin-ROX bench was strong and good then. The ROX w/Lin & Parsons(like Batum) went 6-1 vs GSW & Spurs in 12-13, ROX only lost was in OT at Oakland, they went 4-0, Swept then NBA Champs Spurs.

  • edwardhyan .

    I knew it! There’s no owner/employer loyalty in professional sports. That’s why superstars need to have no-trade contracts. Hornets would dump or trade Jeremy Lin, Al Jefferson, Mike Kidd… for a superstar like Howard. It’s good that Jeremy Lin can opt out his contract next season. Al Jefferson also has an expiring contract but Mike Kidd…. has nothing to say about the trade but suck it up.

  • Between Walker and Howard, pace and ball movement will take the red eye out of Charlotte.

  • khyberjones

    I think Howard can be had for a lot less than this offer. Houston doesn’t want to re-sign him and would rather get cap relief and assets. Trading Jeremy Lin would be a big mistake for the Hornets. He’s a big reason why the Hornets have a shot at the playoffs. Matching Lin and Howard together would be a difference maker, if not game changer, for the Hornets. The Hornets do not have athletic bigs. With Howard there paired with Lin, it would add a ‘lob city’ component which would dramatically improve the Hornets’ efficiency.

  • bench Lin

    I would trade Kemba + Big Al for PB and Howard and Lawson and may be find a third team to take Lawson for a SF.

  • tkrieger

    Man, I hope Lin doesn’t return to Houston….. His game clashes with Daryl Morey’s “layups and 3s” offensive philosophy.

  • setrue

    Zero chance Lin goes back to Rockets. First, Hornet GM is smart enough to recognize what Lin brings to Hornets in terms of being a team first player, his great work ethnic, and his desire to win, and ability to shine in big moments (when given the opportunity). Howard has NONE of these traits on the court and is a cancer off it. Second, as nice a guy as Lin is he will object to the trade and threaten to opt out of his contract after the season making it clear Rockets will have him for half season rental. 3. Rockets have NO trade leverage…as Howard and Haren are known around the league as toxic players to have on your team.