NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Kings in blockbuster deal, DeMarcus Cousins to Los Angeles, D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle to Sacramento

NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers, Kings in blockbuster deal, DeMarcus Cousins to Los Angeles, D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle to Sacramento

A trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings involving superstar center DeMarcus Cousins remains a big possibility this season, according to the latest NBA trade rumors.

Both the Lakers and Kings are not expected to make the NBA Playoffs next year and a trade with each other could help both their rebuilding plans for the future.

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Gil Alcaraz of Hoops Habit named his five top trade targets for the Lakers this 2016-2017 and claimed that Cousins remains the top target for the Hollywood squad.

Alcaraz claims that while the Kings have declared Cousins as an untouchable player in the Kings roster, that “could change at any moment” considering the volatility of their franchise player and also the discord within the franchise.

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“While Los Angeles isn’t exactly a better place for Cousins to chase a title, he’d have way more opportunities to build his brand with the Lakers. He’d immediately take over as the face of one of the NBA’s most storied franchises,” Alcaraz wrote.

The opinion makes sense since both the Lakers and Kings are both in rebuilding mode but there is still belief around the league that playing in a big city team like Los Angeles gives a different prestige to the top superstars.

If Cousins is traded to the Lakers, he will be the next face of the franchise after Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant the last decade. A change of scenery for Cousins is also needed after frustrating years with the Kings in his entire NBA career.

Via ESPN’s Trade Checker, a Lakers-Kings trade of DeMarcus Cousins for D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Lou Williams works under the NBA trade rules.

For the Kings, they can finally move on from the Cousins drama and get two young guys in Russell and Randle to continue their rebuilding.

For the Lakers, they get a superstar center to form a formidable core of Cousins, Brandon Ingram, Luol Deng and Jordan Clarkson and possibly battle for a playoff spot in the new NBA season.

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This NBA trade rumors make sense for both teams but unlikely to happen this offseason. However, if both struggle in the early part of the regular season, it’s a deal that will be discussed again before the trade deadline in February.

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  • Ima Conservative

    Justin Gloria is an idiot.

    The Lakers aren’t trading D’Angelo Russell. He’s their next superstar.

  • Brad C

    Lol old clickbait news. Lets just focus on what we have…If Cousins really wants to come to LA he can let his contract expire and come to us loaded with talent vs sucking us bone dry for an early year start.

    • Brad C

      Another words Boogie…sit back…relax….watch Vladi squirm….and see you in 2018 for a title shot.

    • jt3z

      Exactly it would be beyond moronic to trade away young talent on players that will be FA’s in another year or 2

  • 1 time man

    No Manches, why you bringing up old news? Lakers wont trade Russell, also being that cousins still hasn’t gotten to the playoffs WITH Rudy Gay what makes you think that he’ll actually make a run with us? Id rather keep Lou, Russell and Randle since DC will be a FA soon and no doubt in my mind, hes walking away. If Zubac doesn’t develop like we need him to, Cousins will be a perfect fit with us cause by then Russell, Clarkson, Ingram, Randle, Nance, will all be developed and groomed into nice players. Cousins is a Lakers fan, which means no doubt he is giving us a meeting especially when all we’re really missing is a true dominant center