NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers sending Jordan Clarkson to Philadelphia 76ers with D’Angelo Russell now the lead guard in Los Angeles?

NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers sending Jordan Clarkson to Philadelphia 76ers with D’Angelo Russell now the lead guard in Los Angeles?

With recent reports that D’Angelo Russell will be the lead guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, could there be any truth in the NBA trade rumors that they are looking to deal their other starting guard, Jordan Clarkson before the new season begins?

Russell admitted in a recent interview that new head coach Luke Walton has the confidence in him in being one of the top offensive players of the team. While the season has not started yet, it’s interesting to see how Russell will co-exist with another point guard in Clarkson.

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“He wants me to shoot the ball when I’m open. When a coach tells you to shoot the ball, it’s like a green light for you,” Russell said via Fox Sports.

“You can’t want that more than anything. But the catch is you got to be good enough to know that when you’re not open, you gotta pass. That’s the responsibility he’s thrown at me and everybody.”

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As SR noted, the offensive focus of the Lakers could go to Russell. This leads to the previous NBA trade rumors that the Lakers might be willing to send one of their guards to the Philadelphia 76ers, who are loaded with big men but wants wingmen to complete a more balanced roster.

According to speculations earlier in the summer, two big man are available for trades from Philadelphia, power forward Nerlens Noel and center Jahlil Okafor. The Sixers want to unload one or two of their big men as they also have Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Dario Saric playing in the 2016-2017 NBA Season.

Via Real GM’s Trade Checker, a trade of Jordan Clarkson for Jahlil Okafor and Sergio Rodriguez works under the NBA trade rules. Both Clarkson and Rodriguez signed new contracts this summer and are only eligible to be traded after December 15, 2016.

For the Lakers, this deal makes sense since they want more prospects in the frontcourt position with Timofey Mozgov, Tarik Black and Ivica Zubac not seen as franchise players.

The Lakers also extended Clarkson to a four-year $50 million contract this summer. However, Russell is seen as the franchise point guard of their future and if they can’t make it work together in the backcourt it makes no sense for L.A. to stick with both.

For the Sixers, they get a starting point guard in this deal although they might demand a future first round pick from the Lakers to get this trade done.

With some of the Lakers still not available for trades, coach Walton is likely to try the D’Angelo Russell-Jordan Clarkson backcourt first in the early part of the regular season.

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Expect the NBA trade rumors to heat up by December and near the trade deadline, if both the Lakers and Sixers struggle record-wise and if they decide to move their young pieces to get a more balanced roster.

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  • 1 time man

    Um, I feel like you have no idea wtf you are talking about…. The Lakers have clearly stated that DLo & JC are the future back court of the young core. DLo is the PG and JC is the SG I believe the Lakers are going to wait it out to see what happens with this core before they make any drastic changes. that’s including a guy who could be the steal of the draft in Ivica Zubac. If the Lakers were going to trade Clarkson they would have went and signed jr smith, since they didn’t, the future so far looks like this
    PG – Russell
    SG – Clarkson
    SF – Ingram
    PF – Randle/Nance Jr.
    C – Zubac
    Also, Clarkson has been improving on his shot so he could fit well with the team and he’s stated that he’s willing to help the team in any way.

    • Jay

      What he said. I’ll just add that having a two PG line up is fine when both PG are 6’5. They’re both taller than Wade, so whats the problem? Clarkson nor Russell are really PG’s anyway. Both are somewhere in the combo guard range with each possession a slightly better than average passing skills.

    • Cricket

      Im a sixers fan and I agree with you on everything but Zubac. No one has any idea what he will be. He could be a slow footed European big that is out the league in a year. I just wouldn’t depend on Zubac.

  • Brad C

    First off this is ridiculous. …obviously we plan on having Clarkson as our 2. However keep in mind there at least is some ring of truth here…..albeit small. By December we wud know how productive our line up wud be and IF some major move like this was necessary. ….personally at the moment no….but gives us options.

  • SeriousBomb

    Sixers don’t have to make a deal at all, they are more than content with going into next season with all hands on deck. If you want a big man you gotta pay….if not? oh well, the Sixers have plenty of picks of their own….and other teams top picks



    — Incoming2017 1st round pick from the Los Angeles Lakers

    (Top 3 protected. If not conveyed in 2017 it becomes unprotected in 2018).

    2017 1st round pick from Kings

    (The Sixers have the right to swap picks with the Kings if the Kings
    pick ends up in the top-10 and is better than the Sixers pick)

    2017 2nd round pick from Utah

    The Sixers will receive the most favorable pick out of Detroit, New York, Golden State, and Utah)

    2017 2nd round pick from Utah

    The Sixers will also receive the least favorable pick out of Detroit, New York, Golden State, and Utah)

    — Outgoing2017 2nd round pick to New Orleans


    — Incoming2018 2nd round pick from Brooklyn

    (This will be the more favorable of either Brooklyn’s 2018 2nd round pick or Cleveland’s 2018 2nd round pick)
    2018 2nd round pick from Clippers

    (This will be the more favorable of either the Clippers 2018 2nd round pick or the Knicks 2018 2nd round pick)

    — OutgoingNone


    — Incoming
    2019 1st round pick from Kings (unprotected)

    2019 2nd round pick from Milwaukee

    (This will be the more favorable of either the Bucks 2019 2nd round pick or the Kings 2019 2nd round pick)
    2019 2nd round pick from New York