NBA Trade Rumors: New York Knicks to trade Kristaps Porzingis for Russell Westbrook as OKC Thunder rebuilds?

NBA Trade Rumors: New York Knicks to trade Kristaps Porzingis for Russell Westbrook as OKC Thunder rebuilds?

With Kevin Durant gone from Oklahoma City, there are suggestions from NBA experts that the Thunder must deal Russell Westbrook now so they can start their rebuilding process. The latest NBA trade rumor has the star point guard going to the New York Knicks for star rookie Kristaps Porzingis.

Westbrook has one year left in his deal before he hits free agency in 2017. The Thunder must be thinking of trading him now or risk losing him as a free agent like Durant.

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Fox Sports has a trade suggestion which involves Westbrook and Victor Oladipo going to New York and Porzingis and Derrick Rose going to Oklahoma City.

“Westbrook, Courtney Lee, Oladipo, Melo, Noah the second-best starting five in the East? If there’s anyone out there who thinks this could actually work, it’s the Knicks. And the Thunder would say ‘YES’ to this so fast it would make your head spin,” writer Rob Perez explains.

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The trade has some merit to it because the Knicks and Thunder are exchanging superstars in the trade. The Thunder will rebuild around Porzingis while Westbrook teams up with Anthony in New York.

If this NBA trade rumor happens, the Knicks will be one of the East contenders to challenge LeBron James and the champion team Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s a difficult decision to trade Porzingis for the Knicks, but if a deal brings them Westbrook, then they can consider it as a move with aims to make noise in the NBA Playoffs.

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Westbrook will be involved in a lot of NBA trade rumors this offseason now that Durant is gone. Will OKC deal the star point guard?

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  • Paul Colaluca Jr

    How about no.

  • philip

    this is by far the most retarded thing i have ever fucking read… they would trade their young star for a star that will be available in a year… jackson would be the stupidest nba exec in the league if he made that deal.. suggesting this as a possible rumor is just as idiotic… westbrook for porzingis, when westbrook would be available next year… yeahhhhh that makes alot of sense… jesus christ the click bait these fucking writers come up with.. smh

    • pllb


    • dee matthews

      Yo it amazes me that some of these people even have a platform to write this dumb sh*t! This dude knows nothing about BB obviously. They got D Rose to team up with Porzingis and Melo,why in the hell would they trade D and him for Russell, who you’ll probably lose and Olandipo who doesn’t have the experience of D Rose? Then look at the line up it puts on the court yo whoever wrote this is an absolute asshole and I hope you read this you dumbass!

    • Alan Rudy

      You’re actually missing a lot of details why this trade actually does make sense. First, Westbrook can be a free agent next year, but Thunder aren’t about to lose him for nothing like they did Durant so he’s getting traded if they don’t think he’ll resign. He’s the best player that could change teams within a year, whichever team he gets traded to has a better chance to resign him and likely won’t make the trade giving up that much without Westbrook saying he’d resign there. Second, Porzingus had a good year, but it’s still not proven he’d be a star like Karl Anthony Towns has already proven to be. So Porzingus is not definitely a sure thing yet and you’d be getting a Top 5 player in the game for him.

  • Yuhknopaboutwapt

    Not a rumor – just making shit up. As constructed now, the Knicks, IMO, is top 3 in the East especially if Rose replicate the second half of last season and do it for say, 74 games this coming season – omitting 8 games for rest. They don’t need to sacrifice Rose if he produces or for that matter KP when Russ is testing free agency and moves can be made to fit him into the cap. Furthermore, why would you trade KP for Oladipo? A 7-3 young stud with unlimited shooting range, savvy post moves for a 21 year old, sick ball-handling skills – and when I say SICK I mean it’s far better than what he shown last season and only getting better, good rebounder and defense, as well as great BB IQ – and you think trading him would be beneficial? Think again.

    • philip

      it truly makes no sense especially when he could be had for free next year.. in addition, westbrook has said he wants to play with porzingis… so ur gonna trade the only piece westbrooks sees himself playing with for the next 7 years??? just shows these writers don’t think, they just write whatever bullshit pops into their minds

  • yopo

    Pointless trade for the Knicks. Trading Porzingis would create a hole at PF. Not to mention it’d be trading a young potential star. The point of this is what? Especially when you can wait a year and sign Westbrook and pair him up with Porzingis for years to come.

  • Jason Young

    If this were to ever happen us knicks fans should organize around madison square garden and protest until phil jackson and james dolan leave the city.

  • SDF

    Glad Knicks fan not biting on that stupidddd suggestion, why should we trade a great potential future player for a one year player that may not stay in New York and has miles in his engine. Porzinga is young, great player and he still has potential to exceed his potential. It seems like a desperate move if you ask me by the OKC office, but then again we have a retarded owner that may bite before any reason. LOL hope true Knicks fan, hope not…

  • SDF

    Why bother with dumb journalism…

  • Knicksfan77

    Congratulations. I clicked. Please collect 35 cents. This trade you are proposing is a head spinning insane disaster.

  • Alonzo

    Even if Westbrook would agree to sign an extension with the Knicks before being traded, I still don’t think it’s worth it. Trading Porzingis for Westbrook would basically cancel out the advantage for the Knicks and they’d need to find a new PF.

  • Mass Ahbate

    Its not a rumor if its just a idea that someone suggested, you dumbass author

  • PSNHitman17

    Impossible before January

  • federalista

    Actually i heard it was a 3-way deal. Knicks send porzingis to LA for the Laker Girls and some pretzels, LA gets Westbrook to be there new GM, and OKC gets to kiss their season goodbye

    • Michael

      Lol love this !

  • Mohammad qureshi

    You have to make this trade because thunder will trade Westbrook to the Lakers and he will not be available because Lakers have a lot of young players. West brook is getting traded and he will not be available next year

  • @Spxob


  • Mary Jane

    Oh hell NO!!! Prozingis is Untouchable!!

  • Buddy Brown

    The Knicks is fine as is. All we need to do is add some defensive players coming off the bench and we will shock the world like the year the Piston defeated the Lakers putting Malone to shame and cause him to retired.

  • Armand

    Not a chance. You don’t trade a 20yr old 7 3 guy with his skills and maturity for anyone. This kid has a chance to revolutionize the entire sport. As good as Westbrook is, not a chance especially since Westbrook is a FA

  • Brian

    Hell no, Porzingis is gonna be the next big thing in the nba. And rose may get back to his Allstar self. I would never trade porzingis, never

  • maran747

    How can it be a rumor when article says it’s a trade suggestion by Fox sports. Like fox sports know better than coaches, GMs or scouts for the teams.

  • Mike Brooks

    The only way Knicks make this trade is only if Westbrook signs an extension, they would not only do this for one year.

  • JGI

    My comment on this matter is that the author of this article is a giant FUCKING ASSHOLE. FUCK YOU.

  • Brian 1

    Obviously a jealous Nets fan wrote that stupid article

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