NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns giving away Devin Booker and 2016 NBA draft picks for Paul George

NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns giving away Devin Booker and 2016 NBA draft picks for Paul George

Rumors and speculations are now swirling around the Indiana Pacers star forward Paul George who is said to be traded to the Phoenix Suns for Devin Booker and 2016 NBA draft picks.

Rumors about Paul George being on the trading block started after the Indiana Pacers fired Frank Vogel as head coach. Pacers president Larry Bird decided not to renew Vogel’s contract after realizing that he was not the type of coach that can execute his preferred system with the team. Bird wanted the Pacers to play “small ball” offensive strategy where he emphasized that George must focus on the post.

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However, Paul George seemed not to like Bird’s system since it is the very opposite system that will fit him. There are speculations that the Indiana Pacers will be trading the 26-year old forward and one of the team that is interested in acquiring him is the Phoenix Suns.

According to Fansided, the Phoenix Suns can trade Devin Booker and 2016 NBA draft picks in order to acquire Paul George from the Indiana Pacers. The Suns might have a disappointing season but they have young and promising talents that can assure them a bright future. However, if they want to reach the playoffs next season, they should consider signing a veteran player that will give a boost to their team.

Paul George is undeniably one of the best players in the league. Knowing his outstanding performance in the offensive and defensive end, he will be a big asset to any NBA team that will acquire him and knows how to use him effectively. With the system that Larry Bird is insisting with his team, there is a larger possibility that George will be traded since it is not the system that fits him.

With a promising star like Devin Booker and 2016 NBA draft picks for Paul George, there is larger possibility that the Indiana Pacers will agree with the deal.

Photo courtesy: Chrishmt0423/Wikimedia

  • Nizho Grafx

    If Booker goes Im going to quit the Suns. This guy could be the face of the franchise. That ould be stupid but hey this is the team that bought in Beasley.

    • Carey Adams

      They just sent him as their representative to the lottery. He is the new face of the franchise. He’s not going anywhere. I do believe #4 is on the table with possibly a player like Warren or Len or Knight for someone like Butler.

  • Peter Greene

    I’ll second that! There can’t be any way they would trade that kid after the rookie season he just had and he hardly played the first half of the year. I have a lot of Suns stuff that is going to get burned unceremoniously if the Suns give up their potential future for a quick fix to the playoffs. They need to build around Booker, Len, Teletovic and go from there. They should keep Archi Good win too.

    I will never understand this penchant the Suns have had in recent years to scrap entire rosters and try to win NOW only to fail time and again.

  • Longdaga E Pusasha

    What if Larry Bird hired his former teammate Kevin Mchale to be the Coach then run the system that they used before as teammates in Boston that results to NBA Championships

  • Jeremy Paulison

    Anytime you lead a sentence with “the Phoenix Suns can” and your only source is Fansided, you know this a joke.

    Recent Suns trades imply that they could make a move as dumb as triggering the tradd spoke of in this article.

    However, there is no way the Suns would ever do that. A combination of picks, Goodwin and either Bledsoe or Knight would be the most realistic offer from the Suns poitb of view.

    Also, saying that rumors and speculation have the Suns and Pacers swapping Booker and George sans any sources or rumors whatsoever heavily ruins your credibility. So, Suns fans (if there are any left) can calm down. Please don’t just believe everything you read.