NBA Trade: Rumors suggest Bulls send Jimmy Butler to Lakers, as Anthony Davis goes to the Bulls, and Pelicans take in Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell?

Bulls send Jimmy Butler to Lakers, as Anthony Davis goes to the Bulls, and Pelicans take in Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell?

With the preseason already starting, trade rumors are still persistent these days. A blockbuster trade rumor suggests that the Chicago Bulls send Jimmy Butler to the Los Angeles Lakers while they take in Anthony Davis from the Pelicans while Brandon Ingram and D’Angelo Russell move to New Orleans.

According to latest NBA Trade Rumors, a deal is still in the works between the Lakers and the Bulls that would involve Butler.

With the Bulls looking at a logjam after signing Chicago’s native son Dwyane Wade and getting Rajon Rondo via free agency. It’s a no brainer that the two superstars will compete with Butler in terms of time on the floor. The three possibly cannot co-exist at the same time and could spell disaster for the Bulls.

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The Lakers are looking for an identity in the coming season as they are moving forward with Kobe Bryant’s retirement. Getting Butler would be a solution to that as he could help its young core to mature with their game.

But getting Butler means the Lakers have to ship out some of its assets and rookie Brandon Ingram, Jose Calderon and D’Angelo Russell could be possible trade pieces.

However, for the rumored talks to push further the Lakers and the Bulls must bring in the New Orleans Pelicans. In the rumors, the Pelicans could send Anthony Davis to the Bulls while taking in Ingram and Russell.

The rumored trade could get the approval from the NBA as it is bound legally under its guidelines. But the Lakers will have to think twice or more for them to consider this trade since they are giving up multiple players with star potential.

With Butler around, the Lakers’ roster could very well build up to being a contender and erase the horrifying two earlier seasons wherein they missed the playoffs.

For the Bulls, if they struck this deal a new tandem of Wade and Davis could excite the Windy City. Davis could strengthen both the Bulls’ forward and center position with rookie Denzel Valentine and Doug McDermott likely to support Davis down low.

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Ingram has a potential All-Star in him as seen in the Summer League. Russell also has an All-Star quality that the Pelicans can use. Not to mention the experience that Calderon could also bring to the team as well.

This rumored deal could be explored by the teams involved and could be plausible although not very probable in the end.

Teams at this time are hesitant to engage in trade as they are already in the last days of their respective training camps. NBA teams are now assessing who will make it to their final roster.

But if there is any consideration for this trade to get rolling then teams involved will have a better chance going into the season especially if the Lakers can get future draft picks in addition to Butler.

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