The Rockets are missing Jeremy Lin so so bad, and here’s why

The Rockets are missing Jeremy Lin so so bad, and here’s why

The Houston Rockets traded Jeremy Lin and a first-round pick to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for virtually nothing, a Daryl Morey move that is haunting the Rockets up to now, according to Paper City Magazine writer Chris Baldwin.

Baldwin, who has been covering the Rockets for years since his time as an editor for Culture Map Houston and now with the Paper City Magazines, believes Morey botched a deal in a big way roughly when he sent Lin to the Lakers for a bunch of ‘Euro-stash players.’

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Beyond the all-around game Lin provided to the table, Baldwin thinks Morey and the Rockets took for granted an ultra-competitive player that often willed the team when the going gets tough.

The scribbler added that he wasn’t surprised at all to see the Rockets struggling to make in the top-8 in the Western Conference, and it’s all because of that decision to trade Lin two years ago.

Chris Baldwin of Paper City Magazine:  

“Heart isn’t always easy to quantify in professional sports, but you should know when you have it on your roster. Morey had it in Lin, but never seemed to care. Instead, the Rockets discounted, dissed and eventually discarded one of the NBA’s more unique talents. Lin makes players around him better. When Lin’s on the court and allowed to run the point, it’s easier for his teammates to score.

Morey will desperately struggle to try to sneak the Rockets back into the playoffs this spring, because his owner, Leslie Alexander, will accept nothing less. But even if that’s “mission accomplished,” this is a franchise going nowhere. It turns out that Daryl Morey built a house of cards.”

After a nightmarish stint under Byron Scott in Los Angeles, Lin is having a steady season with the Charlotte Hornets, becoming the team’s no.1 contributor off the bench.

The former Harvard standout averages at least 12 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists in 27 minutes per contest, but most of all he gives Hornets more versatility on that backcourt.

The Rockets, meanwhile, reached the Western Conference finals last season but are currently in a dog-fight with the Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers for the 8th playoff spot in the West.

  • vinyltap

    Poor 2016 H town basketball, simultaneously imperious & wretched. Unlike teams with real stars (Curry, Lillard, etc), their top draw is a defenseless fake foul clown. How sadistic were Alexander, Morey or McHale to have that gigantic image of Melo wearing 7? Sorry H towns fans, hate to be another Lin troll, but better hope you get some players with heart & team chemistry for Howard cause you’ll need it. Howard is hard to incorporate properly but Jeremy got him involved.

    • norah mackenzie

      tbh the rockets deserve their continued failure to get into the nba finals – zero sympathy – when you treat players like nothing then naturally nobody wants to come and play after all that drama – when you know that harden will demand the ball and that is it – who wants to play like that? or wait around for him to pass the ball – that is not fun nor is it a team sport either

  • westseadoc

    I’m a Lin fan but this gives Lin a little too much credit. However, it does appropriately vilify the Rocket management and coaching in that they don’t recognize singular but less spectacular talent, esp when that talent is less scintillating and more quiet … that is, being a good teammate who helps the team play better overall. Morey, as most managers, is easily mesmerized by ball hogging Hero players, esp if they are relatively successul on a personal stat basis … ignorant of the fact that such players may win games and get people in the stands, but often do not win championships without help and more unselfish play to involve the entire TEAM in the W.

  • loc vu

    Pack your bags …moreyeel!
    You are NEXT!
    – exit

    • LinFan17

      It sounds like everybody feels good when Rockets lost to Jazz on February 23, 2016. Harden scored 42 points and could not bring the victory. It is now for Rockets management to sit down and think about the problems.

      • norah mackenzie

        harden is not a team player – he always needed someone to balance him out. he will just end up being like carmelo from the knicks no difference. personally if i had a ‘star” player i wd be upset when that player doesnt deliver and at least end up in the finals of the nba

  • Alan

    I have been keeping an eye on the Rockets ever since they got Jeremy Lin and after they let him go. I believe that Jeremy Lin was good for the Rockets, but also believe that in the long run it was best for him to leave. A point guard is not allowed with Harden on the team. And he did no choice of his own. From my observation over the last 4 yrs Morey is the one that needs to go. He lets to many good players go. And let Harden go also and start over from scratch.

  • norah mackenzie

    the thing is that if one wants to win – all the team has to play together and it didnt happen in houston – not only because of harden but also because mcfail never liked jlin at all – the way he spoke to him and benched him was unbelivable – he wd never have done that to anyone else. if the coach doesnt like the player then what is the point. he wasted his time in houston – and also in los angeles – but at least in brooklyn he hopefully can do well