V Live rep denies Moses Malone Jr. claims, says James Harden was not on the scene when robbery and attack happen

V Live rep denies Moses Malone Jr. claims, says James Harden was not on the scene when robbery and attack happen

A representative from V Live nightclub has denied the claims of Moses Malone Jr. that their security guards were not able to assist him when the alleged robbery and attack on him took place just outside the club. The representative also noted that James Harden was not even on the premises when everything took place.

The representative, identified as Carl A. Moore, told ABC 13’s Kaitlin McCully that Malone was a regular of the club and that he stated that Harden was not even inside the club. He does not believe that Harden had something to do with the incident. He also denied Malone’s accusation that the club’s security guards were not able to come to his aide.

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“I don’t believe Mr. Harden was at the club, and I definitely don’t believe he had anything to do with an attack on Mr. Malone,” Moore said. “And so the club’s position is that Mr. Malone is a regular of the club. We would have done everything we could to make sure he was safe.”

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After the incident, which took place early Saturday morning, Malone stated that he was sure that it was Harden who ordered the attack and robbery on him. He insisted that Harden got mad at his criticism on asking too much for kids to join his basketball camp. Malone’s attorney, George Farah, said the stolen David Yurman jewelry was worth about $15,000 and that the club security guards were complicit in the attack. Aside from the robbery, there were no reports as to the degree of injury Malone sustained due to the attack.

Malone claimed that his post on social media criticizing Harden for charging too much money for his youth basketball camp triggered the incident. In his post, Malone wrote, “Don’t he make WAY more $ then (sic) Donald Driver???? But, he charging 249$ & the inner city kids have NO CHANCE to go to his camp. Hollywood Harden #Fact.”

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According to the investigation by the Houston Police Department, they are still to determine how many people were involved in the incident and stated that there were at least four men who had guns when the incident occurred.

The robbery division is now investigating the incident and no arrest has been made yet. The Houston Police are also looking into the statement made by Malone. Harden and his camp have yet to issue a statement regarding the incident.

Photo Courtesy: Derral Chen/Wikimedia