Warriors’ and Kobe Bryant’s final game tickets reach eye-watering cost

Warriors’ and Kobe Bryant’s final game tickets reach eye-watering cost

Two important games in the NBA history are set to take place on Wednesday: Kobe Bryant’s final game at the Staples Center and Golden State Warriors’ road to 73 wins at the Oracle Arena.

The Wednesday events are said to be the two most expensive games in the NBA season.

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Despite Los Angeles Lakers’ poor-season performance, ticket prices for Kobe Bryant’s final game still reach a tremendous level. The ticket prices started to get high when Bryant announced his retirement this season.

The Los Angeles Lakers will be facing the Utah Jazz at Staple Center with 18,118 capacity. Fans paid a StubHub average of $971 for a ticket to see Kobe Bryant’s final shots against the Jazz. The cheapest ticket on StubHub for the Lakers game will be $700.

The most expensive ticket sold on StubHub was a courtside seat in Los Angeles, where a fan paid $27,500 each for two tickets to see Bryant up close for the last time.

On the other game, the Golden State Warriors are bound to clash with the Memphis Grizzlies at the Oracle Arena to seek for their 73rd win and beat the ’95-96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 record led by Michael Jordan.

The Warriors’ last game ticket prices started to get high upon winning their game against the Spurs on Sunday. The Oracle Arena has a capacity of 19,595. The cheapest ticket for the Warriors game will be $380.

The Lakers have issued a fraud alert to fans on Monday warning them that they should only buy tickets from their official ticket exchange, where fans can resell tickets securely.

In line with the luxurious ticket prices, AEG, the company that runs the Staple Center, will be selling merchandise, including a custom 18-karat-gold-lined hat from AEG that is going for over $38,000 dollars.

In spite of the high ticket prices, both NBA games on Wednesday will surely be worth it.