Nets lose to Pacers at home

The New Jersey Nets lost to the Indiana Pacers Thursday night at home, 93-88.

This snaps a 5 game losing streak for the Pacers. However, it’s only their 2nd win in 8 games. The Pacers (18-12) had started off the season strong. They were among the top 4 teams in the Eastern Conference for awhile, yet their recent 5 game losing streak was the 3rd worst in the NBA. Only the Charlotte Bobcats (the league’s worst team, who have lost 16 games in a row) and the New Jersey Nets had a longer losing streak.

Danny Granger emerged from injury to score 32 points while shooting 50% from the field. Granger was helped out by all-star Roy Hibbert, who had a double-double (13 points, 11 rebounds).

However, the Nets (8-23) played a tough game tonight. They had monster games from Kris Humpries (24 points, 10 rebounds) and Deron Williams (29 points). Furthermore, they made more field goals than the Pacers (35 vs. 32), while shooting more efficient (46.7% vs. 39.5%). Their downfall was most likely due to committing 19 turnovers, 23 personal fouls, and their lack of support off the bench.

The Nets have now lost 8 games in a row, and an unimpressive 10 of the last 11.

The Indiana Pacers’ next game will be at home against the aforementioned (3-26) Charlotte Bobcats on Sunday, February 19th. While the Nets’ next challenge will be on the road against the Chicago Bulls (24-7) on Saturday, February 18th.