New York Giants re-sign Weatherford for 5 years and $12.75 million

The New York Giants have re-signed their punter Steve Weatherfordto a five-year, $12.7 million contract.

Just last week the team placed their franchise tag on Weatherford, but now the tag is unnecessary with the new contract. Weatherford got a $3.25 million signing bonus. Signing the franchise tender would only have gotten him $2.6 million this year.

Talks between Weatherford and the Giants have been a long time in the making, starting even before the Super Bowl. The two sides could not come to an agreement, but wanted to work something out. Finally, Weatherford decided on the current deal, which is expected to earn him around $6 million in the next two years.

Weatherford informed his Twitter followers that he is happy to be with the Giants for another five years.

Weatherford’s punting was impressive and vital to the success of the Giants last season. He averaged 45.7 yards per punt, with a net average of 39.2 yards. He had 25 of his punts coming down inside the 20.

The Giants also resigned cornerback Terrell Thomas recently, making Weatherford the second player the team successfully resigned for next season. The Giants are looking to keep their Super Bowl-winning team intact and to keep the chemistry they found during the second half of the last season.

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