New York Mets invite Mariano Rivera to throw out first pitch

Mariano Rivera continues to be honored by opposing teams during his farewell tour. The New York Mets was asked Rivera to throw out the first Pitch at Citi Field before the New York Yankees and Mets face off in the second game of the series.

“I am honored to do that. It would be my pleasure,” Rivera said.

Despite decades of rivalry, this is nothing short of a class act by the New York Mets organization. Rivera is the greatest closer of all time and maybe the greatest athlete over the age of 40 ever. According to, Rivera is the all-time leader in saves with 629 (and counting). He deserves to be honored by every organization hosting him for the final time.

Rivera will be returning to familiar turf in Queens, New York. According to Bombers Beat, Rivera threw the final pitch of the 2000 World Series against the Mets at the old Shea Stadium and also recorded his 500th career save and only career RBI in 2009 at Citi Field.

Though he may not play for the most lovable organization in all of sports, it has been a pleasure to watch Mariano Rivera honored by his fans and most hated rivals.

The Mets ended up winning the game, with Rivera blowing the save. The Mets won 2-1.

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