New York Mets’ Johan Santana impresses in start against the St. Louis Cardinals

New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana had an impressive outing in his start today against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Santana took the mound for six innings against the Redbirds and was very successful with off-speed pitches.

Santana’s pitches caused World Series MVP David Freese to lose the grip of his bat twice in the fourth and sixth inning on strike three. Both times the third baseman’s bat went flying into the stands.

“I threw some good ones out there. When I’m able to set everything up, and throw my fastballs and mix my changeups, sometimes that happens,” Santana said referring to his pitches against Freese. “I’m pretty sure he was trying to hit a ball and I threw the right pitch and he swung and missed. It’s good to see those swings sometimes.”

Santana finished his fourth start striking out six batters, giving up six hits and a run.

The pitcher underwent shoulder surgery in September of 2010 and had to miss the 2011 season. He is set to start again on Monday against the Cards, and if all goes well, he will step on the mound at Citi Field on April 5 as the Opening Day starter.

“Today was a giant step forward,” Mets Manager Terry Collins said. “To pitch to that lineup the way he pitched, to get up and down and recuperate, it was outstanding.”

The Cardinals lineup consisted of eight of their starters and ended up winning the game 2-1.

Santana’s career record is 133-69, with a 3.10 ERA.

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