New York Mets name Johan Santana as their Opening Day starter

Terry Collins has made the announcement that Johan Santana will be taking the mound for the New York Mets on Opening Day at Citi Field Thursday.

Santana has not thrown in a Major League game since September 2, 2010, having to undergo surgery for a torn anterior capsule in his left shoulder.

“It means that everything we have done since I had my surgery to today has really paid off,” Santana said. “We worked hard, and I’m real happy. I’m really happy that I [have] an opportunity to start the season from Day 1 with the team, and that is something I really was looking forward to and real excited about it.”

Santana has not thrown more than 88 pitches this spring, but has proved that he is ready to be back on the mound.

The Mets were cautious when it came to naming Santana as the starter or even giving a timetable for his return.

After his start in St. Louis the other day, Santana’s arm felt it. Collins did not want to start him if he was not ready, but Santana bounced back and told Collins, “I’m ready to go.”

One of Santana’s best starts this spring came against the Cardinals on March 22, where he struck out six and only allowed one run in six innings.

Following Santana, the Mets rotation is R.A. Dickey, Jon Niese, Mike Pelfrey, and Dillon Gee.

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