NFL owners change overtime and instant replay rules

NFL owners descended upon Palm Beach, FL for the annual league meeting where they voted to change overtime and instant replay rules.

According to The Washington Post, all 32 teams unanimously agreed to amend the regular season overtime rules to match the post-season overtime rules.  During the regular season the first team to score in overtime won the game.  In the playoffs, if the first team to score did so with a field goal then the opposing team would get a chance to tie or win the game.   If the first team to score did so with a touchdown, however, that team would win without a rebuttal from the other team.

“It should be consistent,” New York Giants owner John Mara said. “I was never comfortable with it being different for the playoffs and the regular season. I think this is a better system.”

The other amended rules coming out of Florida, as reported by RotoWorld, are that every fumble will be reviewed by the officials so that coaches will not have to waste a challenge on them.  The owners also opted to continue having the head referee review instant replay calls as opposed to the booth reviewing them.

A rule on horse collaring quarterbacks in the pocket was vetoed by owners making it the only spot on the field that a horse collar will not be flagged.

Other propositions including a longer trade deadline, the expansion of the off-season team roster to 90 players, and allowing tagged injured reserved players to return in the same season are set to be voted on in the May owners meeting.

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