Carolina Panthers Super Bowl hangover: Derek Anderson set to replace an injured Cam Newton against Buccaneers?

Derek Anderson set to replace an injured Cam Newton against Buccaneers?

Aside from absorbing their third setback last weekend, problems continue to pile up against the Carolina Panthers. Reports are swirling that Derek Anderson will replace an injured Cam Newton when they face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Panthers are down in the NFC standings 1-3 after suffering a 48-33 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. According to NFL.com, Newton remains under the concussion protocol after suffering a hit last weekend. Even Panthers coach Ron Rivera would not want to give any update on his prized quarterback.

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What is circulating is that Anderson could come in and take Newton’s place and to make his starting gig since 2014. But what is interesting is that Anderson is no stranger when it comes to facing the Buccaneers. Anderson managed to beat the Buccaneers twice back in 2014 during the time Newton got injured and when he got involved in a car accident.

It seems that the Rivera and the Panthers might use Anderson on Monday when they play the Buccaneers. They are hoping that Anderson might be able to reverse their fate and get them back in the winning run.

What is disturbing with the Panthers is that they seemed to suffer from a hangover from their Super Bowl 50 loss from the Broncos. Kenneth Arthur of the Rolling Stone notes that Panthers are struggling to duplicate their feat last season. Despite having same records with the Buccaneers, many see the Panthers taking the win with the odds taking their side with an opening of -6.5.

Odds Shark notes that the Panthers are 2-0 with Newton not taking the snaps on the field which will be a look of concern for the Buccaneers. However, the Panthers must climb their way in the 1-3 holes that they have dug themselves. That will start if they could score the win over the Buccaneers.

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Monday night football will be interesting as the Panthers could not afford to get themselves in a 1-4 tally. Whether Newton will be healthy or not is of no concern now for the Panthers as Anderson could very well take the job. What they need is a win to get their spirits high and get back to where they were last season.

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