Broncos Update: Gary Kubiak still wants more from Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian, and Paxton Lynch

Broncos Update: Gary Kubiak still wants more from Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian, and Paxton Lynch

The Denver Broncos might have shown dominance with their 22-0 win over the Chicago Bears, but for coach Gary Kubiak he still wants more consistency from Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch.

Kubiak noted that their quarterbacks must be able to read their mistakes if they want to lead the team back into a Super Bowl run this season. The 54-year old mentor stated that their quarterbacks are on the right track, adding Sanchez and the rest need to take note of where they falter and move on from there.

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Aside from the quarterbacks, Kubiak was all praise for their defensive line that prevented the Bears from even making any score on the board. He explained that their defense will play a key role in their success. Kubiak stressed that they still need to work on their offense and that means more homework for Sanchez and the rest of the quarterbacks.

Kubiak said that they will need to go back to the drawing boards and assess what needs to be adjusted for the team to be in better form in their next match. This means the Broncos starting post are still up for grabs as Kubiak has not named anyone yet.

“The amount that we played our first group tonight, there’s no way we could get that done. I’ll see how we do. We kind of have three games next week. We have two practices against the Niners and then play them on Saturday, so a lot of good evaluation will still take place next week,” Kubiak explained.

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Sanchez together with Siemian and Lynch have a lot of shoes to fill after Peyton Manning decided to call it quits and work on his paper works for his spot at the Hall of Fame list. Kubiak will be asking so much from them as they need to power the Broncos this season and earn their rightful place with the team.

Photo Courtesy: Brit/Flickr