Broncos Update: Mark Sanchez gets starting QB position?

Broncos Update: Mark Sanchez gets starting QB position?

When Mark Sanchez agreed to sign with the Denver Broncos he had one thing in mind, to be the team’s starting quarterback after Peyton Manning availed of his retirement and rumors are swirling that Sanchez’s dream is coming true as he is being set up with the Bronco’s first team in their minicamp.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak has lined up their three quarterbacks with Sanchez working out with the first team while Trevor Siemian, the team’s promising second-year prospect, took on the second unit. Kubiak also made their rookie draft pick Paxton Lynch snapping it with the third team. The Denver Post noted that Kubiak wanted an order to prevent the changing of parts with the offensive line and the receivers.

“I’m just trying to rep them all,” Kubiak said. “Going into this week, we wanted to set presence as far as exactly how we worked.”

Sanchez for his part stated that he has just to keep working hard if he wants to earn that starting position and should not be complaisant as the team goals for next season are very high and that involves another run for a Super Bowl ring. He adds that everything is a healthy competition with Siemian and Lynch on the side.

“Of course. I think you have to expect that. That’s the way you have to compete. There’s no second-guessing yourself,” Sanchez said when asked if he expected to be the starter entering training camp. “When you get on the field, you’ve got to be the ‘baddest’ dude out there and play your butt off.”

For Siemian, it is getting paid for what he is told to do on the field and that is to orchestrate the offense properly and he has the needed help with tight end Jeff Heuerman and Jordan “Sunshine” Taylor on a post route. He added that they are given plays to repeat as much as they can so that when they are being called they could deliver for the team.

“It’s early and they gave us a head’s up,” Siemian said. “My thought process this whole time takes the reps you’re given and make the most of them and things will kind of work itself out.”

The competition for the starting position is still on and with Sanchez and Siemian going at it, the Broncos sees a long and good summer ahead of them as they try to complete their preparations for the next season, which will make other teams worry since the defending champs are up, running and getting things work for them.

Both Sanchez and Siemian should also look over their shoulders as Lynch could steal the show from them. Going into the next season everything is possible, especially with the quarterback position wherein coaches and the team’s front office would make the assessments for the final decisions.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr