Colin Kaepernick gets TIME cover page for protest advocacy?

Colin Kaepernick gets TIME cover page for protest advocacy?

Disgruntled quarterback Colin Kaepernick is getting his message to everyone that it has captured TIME Magazine enough to give it a cover page story.

John McWhorter of Time reports that instead of reacting to Kaepernick’s kneeling and national anthem protest, people should first understand why is the 28-year old 49ers’ backup quarterback is doing such protest run in the first place. McWhorter noted that tension between African-American with cops is the cause of the problem and be addressed.

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“We must understand what Kaepernick is protesting. The tension between black people and the cops is not just one more race issue roiling the nation: it is the key one,” McWhorter writes. “It is the central cause of black people’s sense of general alienation, the first thing that comes up when you ask black people why they think racism defines their lives.”

TMZ reported that Kaepernick’s cause which spread like wildfire across the nation deserves recognition by the magazine. Time officials stated that the growing debate on the views of protest during the singing of the national anthem was just the right ingredients for it to take the cover story.

Times Magazine’s issue with Kaepernick on the cover will hit stores Friday and will feature photos of the quarterback protest posts. The pictures were not candid photo shoots but real pictures when Kaepernick took a knee to the singing of the national anthem.

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The cover story takes a closer look at how people, including those in the NFL, view Kaepernick’s style of protest. How it has affected people and what is the government going to do about it. It takes the insight of how people look at the events that led for Kaepernick to make a stand and letting his stand be heard by all.

Mercury News noted that Kaepernick has received death threats when he began his protest. But he does seem to mind all of it and is willing to die for what he believes in as well.

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