Colin Kaepernick winning protest battle as trolls increase?

Colin Kaepernick winning protest battle as trolls increase?

Some may see Colin Kaepernick as a disgruntled quarterback seeking attention. But now, many seem to understand what he is fighting for. This can be seen in Kaepernick’s increasing social media followers who would swarm at his every post.

When Kaepernick started his whole protest, he explained thoroughly why he did it and for whom he is doing it. Now, his jersey sales have spiked and people are also following Kaepernick’s every post and joining in the discussions.

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ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports that when Kaepernick first protested back in Aug. 26, he had 50 followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Combined with media attention, Kaepernick’s trolls instantly jump up to an amazing 35,394. According to social media tracking company Hookit in the past two weeks, Kaepernick has an average of 17,797 new followers a day on social media.

As of this writing, Kaepernick has a total of 3,300,446 followers on social media. 1,098,172 of them are new followers and what is surprising is that Kaepernick has a total of 1,423,805 social interactions from trolls on various platforms.

The figures presented only means one thing, Kaepernick’s actions is getting attention and him winning the battle. Not only with trolls on social media but also gained support from fellow athletes and even from US Presidential aspirant Donald Trump.

Days following Kaepernick’s protest, critics have stated that it would not last and that it is just media hype. But now that many are joining his cause and saw Kaepernick’s action as a point to ponder upon. It is a topic that has long been evaded and that needs attention now.

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Many analysts thought Kaepernick’s action would lead for the San Francisco 49ers to cut him from their roster. Instead, they kept him and even pledged $1 million to an organization dedicated to improving racial and economic equality with both the law enforcement and the community.

Kaepernick’s action is making an impact not only on social media but also to lives of people who suffer racial injustice because of the color of their skin. Though other see themselves as a higher race, but Kaepernick believes there is only one race and that is the human race.

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