Cowboys reach no agreements yet with Austin Davis as they decide to address Tony Romo issue first?

Cowboys reach no agreements yet with Austin Davis as they decide to address Tony Romo issue first?

The Dallas Cowboys are now looking for solutions in addressing the Tony Romo situation and rumors are swirling that they are mulling over signing Austin Davis as a backup plan.

The Cowboys are not showing their desperation in addressing the Romo matter despite the uncertain future after his back injury. Having Davis would give the certain adjustment to their roster after the Cleveland Browns waived him two days ago. Rumors have it that the Cowboys are to work out Davis and from there might strike a deal.

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Should the Cowboys sign Davis, he will be the next option after Dak Prescott with Jameill Showers in third in the quarterback order. However, the Cowboys will have to make their decision by Saturday whether to take in Davis or not as they are still weighing their options on the Romo matter.

Cowboys’ executive vice president Stephen Jones told that they are seriously considering putting Romo on the 75-man roster. Options for the team after the roster deadline could have Romo on the injured reserve list then, recall him after two months.

“We’re getting our hands around it, and of course, we need to make that decision – obviously some time later in the weekend,” Jones said.

Having him on the active roster will be a big risk for the Cowboys to take. Jones noted that they do not want to set aside Romo when the season starts. He adds that they have high hopes that Romo will be able to come back strong and play some football. But until that unfolds the void still need be filled and Davis could be the solution to it.

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The Cowboys met with Davis and according to ESPN, both parties have not come to terms yet. But if indeed they do sign Davis, he will not see action against the Texans on Thursday.

The Cowboys have also announced that Prescott will sit it out against the Texans and have Showers take the starting gig. If no agreement is reached with Davis, the Cowboys could be looking at receiver Cole Beasley as their emergency quarterback.

The Cowboys are looking at all possible solutions to discuss their need for a veteran backup arm. With the season just weeks ahead, the Cowboys are certain to make decisions that would seal their fate this year.

Photo Courtesy: Johnmaxmena2/Wikimedia