Cowboys Update: Tony Romo to undergo a second MRI to make the cut at 53?

Cowboys Update: Tony Romo to undergo a second MRI to make the cut at 53?

The Dallas Cowboys are banking their hopes that starting quarterback Tony Romo would be able to come back when the season starts. Rumors are swirling that Romo will undergo a second MRI to make the team’s cut of a 53-man roster for the season.

The Cowboys are crossing their fingers when Romo undergoes his second MRI to check on the severity of his injury. Romo was hit from behind by Seattle Seahawk defensive end Cliff Avril. Due to the incident, Romo will have to wear a back brace for two months. But the Cowboys are hoping that he would be able to recover at an earliest possible time.

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Pro Football Talks reports that Romo’s second MRI will help the Cowboys decide on whether he would be able to come back and play within a timetable of 10 weeks. Cowboys’ executive vice president Stephen Jones tells Star-Telegram that they are monitoring Romo’s condition which will eventually be decided over the weekend.

“We’ll be needing to make that decision obviously some time later in the weekend. Whatever we do with him, he’ll be on our 53 when we cut it on Friday. So you’ve got to have him through the 53 cuts before you can put him on designated to return if we wanted to consider that. We will just keep him on the roster. We’ll just see,” Jones explained.

Jones added that the Cowboys are looking at all possible scenarios if they put Romo on the injured reserve list. He stated that Romo has his determination to come back from the earliest time frame which gives them a sign of relief. Jones stressed that Romo got into a freak accident, but is well motivated to get back on the field and play.

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The Cowboys know how bad they need Romo on the field. If everything fails then they have to put their trust and faith on rookie Dak Prescott to get the job done. A lot is at stake on the second MRI on Romo as it will decide if he will be able to recover from injury or it would end his career.

Aside from putting Prescott in the starting position, the Cowboys are also looking to make a trade and find a veteran arm, who could be a backup. Until that happens, the Cowboys want to put their trust that Romo will make the cut.

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