Cowboys Update: Tony Romo warns Cliff Avril ‘See you in the Playoffs’

Cowboys Update: Tony Romo warns Cliff Avril ‘See you in the Playoffs’

Tony Romo starts his road to recovery following a nasty hit from Seattle Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril during their pre-season match. Romo vows to come back strong as he warned Avril to prepare well as he vows to meet them again in the Playoffs.

Avril narrated that he tried to reach out to Romo through text and voicemail. The 30-year old standout from Purdue told Star-Telegram that he was happy and challenged by Romo’s reply to his messages. Avril explained that it was not his intention to hurt Romo or anybody in the league.

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“You take care of the NFC West, we will see yall in the playoffs,” Avril said of Romo’s response.

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Avril added that the reaction of people, especially Cowboy fans, on social media shocked him after the incident. He explained that the incident was an accident and stressed that football is a contact sport and Avril hopes people would realize that.

Due to the hit, Romo suffered a compression fracture of the L1 of his vertebra. Though the injury does not need any surgery, Romo has to wear a back brace and advised to sit out for the next six to 10 weeks. The Cowboys placed Romo on the injured reserve list to keep him on the active roster with rookie Dak Prescott taking his starting position.

Avril thanked that Romo understood what happened and is trying to move on from the said accident. However, the Cowboys are now in search for a veteran backup quarterback who would guide Prescott as the season draws near.

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Now that Avril and Romo have cleared the air between them, they have to work their way for a possible meet come Playoff time. It will be exciting to witness both Romo and Avril again when that rematch happens.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr