Cowboys vs. Giants NFL Season Opener: Cowboys expected to win over the Giants?

Cowboys vs. Giants NFL Season Opener: Cowboys expected to win over the Giants?

Despite losing veteran Tony Romo, many still pick the Dallas Cowboys to stun the New York Giants in the season opener Sunday at the AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas.

The Cowboys are getting a -4 favor from in winning the match with the score predicted raging somewhere at 24.9 against the Giants’ 18.4. There were some concerns about how rookie quarterback Dak Prescott could handle the pressure as Sunday’s game will decide his future on the team.

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Aside from Prescott, giving the Cowboys a second look is the fact that Mark Sanchez is their second line of choice. Sanchez signed with the Cowboys after the Denver Broncos released him and many doubt if he could also help their cause. But despite that, odds are still favoring the Cowboys to score the win.

IBT reports that quarterback Tony Romo as the most criticized player in Cowboys’ uniform but his consistency and experience have kept them steady in the league. Now that he is out for six to 10 weeks due to a back injury, Prescott will have bigger shoes to fill in.

Aside from Prescott another rookie, Ezekiel Elliot will also be under a lot of pressure if he is really the real deal. Elliot is one of the rookies this year favored to win the Rookie of the Year honors and seen to lead the league is rushing.

If the Cowboys win over the Giants on Sunday it will be the fourth time that they did such a feat and would put questions on Eli Manning‘s effectiveness to lead the team this season. Aside from Manning, the Giants also have Josh Johnson and Ryan Nassib as the backup.

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Aside from the offense, the Giants have also overhauled its roster spending $105 million in order to sign significant pieces. The Giants were able to secure the services of defensive end Olivier Vernon, defensive tackle Damon Harrison and cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Aside from that, the Giants also promoted former offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo as their head coach.

Both the Cowboys and the Giants seemed equal on some sports booking but the real test comes Sunday. Catch the Cowboys host the Giants in their season opener on Sunday at 4:25 p.m. EDT via NFL Game Pass.

Photo Courtesy:Ray Bouknight/Flickr