Ex-USC quarterback Todd Marinovich found naked; arrested for Meth

Ex-USC quarterback Todd Marinovich found naked; arrested for Meth

Ex-USC quarterback Todd Marinovich, who last played in the NFL for the L.A. Raiders, is in hot waters following his arrest Friday night for possession of controlled substance and trespassing.

TMZ first reported the incident when Irvine PD commander Mike Hallinan stated that they received a report at around 9 p.m. The report noted that of a man walking naked by the Venta Spur walking trail. As responders arrived at the scene they found Marinovich naked holding a bag that contained marijuana, drug paraphernalia, meth and his ID.

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Hallinan added that authorities found Marinovich on a neighborhood jogging path. Authorities brought him to the station but was later released. Citations issued to Marinovich included possession of a controlled substance, trespassing, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

This is not the first time that Marinovich got into trouble with substance abuse. In 1990, police arrested Marinovich for cocaine before he entered the NFL draft. The Raiders drafted Marinovich in 1991 ahead of Brett Favre. But after two seasons, Marinovich would then be released by the team for repeated drug abuse.

In 2000, Marinovich would try to revive his career after joining the Los Angeles Avengers of the Arena Football League. But it did not last long as Marinovich got arrested on suspicion of heroin possession and the team decided to cut him eight months later.

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His drug problem list would go on in 2005 for drug possession and in 2007 Marinovich for felony charges. The 47-year old Marinovich claimed he is sober in 2011, three years after attending art classes.

Marinovich rose to stardom playing the quarterback position during his high school days. He would go on as the first freshman quarterback to start the first game for the Trojans in 1989. This, after USC’s starting quarterback Pat O’Hara suffered a leg injury.

Marinovich was a 1990 Heisman Trophy candidate after leading the Trojans to victory over Michigan in the Rose Bowl that season.