Jets News: Ryan Fitzpatrick gets starting gig over Geno Smith despite contract delay?

Jets News: Ryan Fitzpatrick gets starting gig over Geno Smith despite contract delay?

Despite the contract delay, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick still manages to land the starting job for the New York Jets in the coming season while Geno Smith slides to number two coming off the bench.

Fitzpatrick’s contract delay may have cost the Jets the needed momentum for their campaign this year. However, the Jets hope to conquer that when they meet the Giants this Saturday for their last preseason outing. For Fitzpatrick, there are things that need polishing but see hard work and practice as keys in surviving through a tough season.

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The controversial quarterback told The Washington Post that they were out of sync during their exhibition match with the Redskins. Fitzpatrick stated that they need to work on their teamwork if they would want to breeze through tough competitions in the coming season. They are doing a big catching up as for the team to be ready to face the Cincinnati Bengals for their season opener on Sept. 11.

“I don’t think you ever get too concerned or too excited with the preseason just with what’s going on,” he said. “So we’ll get back to work. I wish we would have done a little bit better, would have gotten into a little bit more of a rhythm today. But we didn’t. And so we’ll look at the film and move on and keep practicing hard.”

As Fitzpatrick calls the shots at the starting position, Jets coach Todd Bowles looks at Geno Smith to finish the games hard. Smith will likely be Fitzpatrick’s backup and the number one choice coming off the bench.

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Despite Bowles decision to have Smith as their number two guy, everyone cannot help but notice the upbeat performance of Bryce Petty. He proved his worth with impressive plays last week and poised to give Smith a run for the backup position. But Bowles simply cuts the discussion in saying that they need their quarterbacks to have that motivation going into the season.

“I don’t see anything different,” Smith told ESPN. “I think [Bowles] has already answered that question.”

With the regular season fast approaching, teams such as the Jets are doing their final preparations to get going. Though they have a huge void to fill since the long contract tug-of-war with Fitzpatrick, Bowles believe they will be able to get pass through rough times. The season is long and more work need be done to carry out their goals.

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