Jets Update: Ryan Fitzpatrick agrees to one-year contract worth $12 million

Jets Update: Ryan Fitzpatrick agrees to one-year contract worth $12 million

The New York Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick finally ended their five-month contract battle as Fitzpatrick agrees to a one-year deal worth $12 million.

Both parties were under tremendous media attention since the news broke out about Fitzpatrick demanding to get a maximum guaranteed contract with the Jets. It was a seesaw battle for both the Jets and the 33-year-old quarterback. The last deal the Jets offered Fitzpatrick was a three-year contract worth $24 million with a total guarantee of up to $15 million.

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The Jets would then gave Fitzpatrick a timetable to think things over or the team moves on without him. It would seem that Fitzpatrick got worried when news of Nick Foles being released by the Rams got out. The Jets were reportedly considering taking him in if talks with Fitzpatrick would ever fail.

Even coach Todd Bowles had high hopes that Fitzpatrick would re-sign with the team as he would have him at their starter. When news of the stalemate reached Bowles, he was considering on putting Geno Smith as the starter if talks with Fitzpatrick would never work out. Now that things are settled, the Jets, Fitzpatrick, and Bowles could now focus on training camp as they prepare to face the Cincinnati Bengals in Sept.

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According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, aside from the $12 million contract, Fitzpatrick is also to receive a total of $3 million in incentives making the deal reach $15 million for the coming season.

Fitzpatrick had a great season with Jets last year as he threw a total of 3,905 yards with 31 successful touchdowns, 15 interceptions and a rating of 88.0. No doubt that the Jets wanted him and he wanted to stay with the Jets since no offers were that appealing during his free agency.

Now that Fitzpatrick is back on the roster, the Jets are hoping that he would be able to bring back his magical performance that of last year as the Jets aim for another stellar performance.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Flickr