Jets Update: Ryan Fitzpatrick turns down a 3-year $24 million offer, Geno Smith to start as team’s QB?

Jets Update: Ryan Fitzpatrick turns down a 3-year $24 million offer, Geno Smith to start as team’s QB?

The New York Jets continues to search for a common ground that would have Ryan Fitzpatrick back to their lineup as NFL rumors are swirling that Fitzpatrick turned down a three-year contract worth $24 million. The Jets are now looking at Geno Smith as their possible starting quarterback for the next season.

With less than two weeks before the start of training camp, the Jets are still making no progress of signing Fitzpatrick to a new contract. With their new offer, Fitzpatrick wants more guaranteed money especially on the second and third year of the said offer.

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It would be remembered that Fitzpatrick dilemma started before the draft and with the turn of things, the Jets have to do something as it would derail them with their training.

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As the Jets continue to find solutions that would make Fitzpatrick happy and come to terms with them, the Geno Smith option presents itself as one of their plans to keep the team’s morale at a high level. Jets’ offensive coordinator Chan Galley stated that they are comfortable whichever way the team goes either with Fitzpatrick or with Smith.

For Jets coach Todd Bowles, he lets the team’s front office worry about the situation as he has to worry about giving victories to the team out in the field. For Bowles, the Fitzpatrick saga has never affected the team and stated that they can work with. He noted that there are a lot of their potential quarterbacks who are ready to step in and take the job.

“They have more chemistry and they’ve been together in the system a year, so they’re not starting out as slow as they were last year,” Bowles, the head coach, said recently of the offense. “So they’ve been in sync pretty good.”

“We’ve got three guys here that we’re working,” Bowles said, referring to his other passers. “We’re not just waiting for (Fitzpatrick) to come back. We have guys we’re getting ready to play. … If he comes back, we’ll be happy to have him back, but meanwhile, we’ve got to get other guys ready to play.”

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It will be a tough time for the Jets heading into next season as they will have to face tough opponents in the NFC West. Thus, consistency with Smith leading the team will be questioned.

As the Jets try to make a quality of an offer that would give Fitzpatrick his peace of mind, the NY team will surely struggle without a legitimate passer who could carry the team back to the being contenders.

Smith has yet to win the hearts not only of the Jets fans but also in their roster. Chemistry will play a key role for the Jets to breeze through, but without Fitzpatrick, it will be a tall order for Smith.

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  • Roger House

    Critics have never given Smith the time and space to develop as a QB. I don’t know why they have been so hard on him but that is the case. In contrast, the critics give Fitzpatrick the benefit of the doubt despite his errors, interceptions, and lackluster performance in the final 3-4 games of the season.

    Clearly Smith is a younger and better athlete than Fitzpatrick. Part of his problem was inexperience at the pro level and poor coaching under Rex Ryan and a series of offensive coordinators. The OCs developed bogus game plans that had Smith throwing in situations with a high chance of interception. Other times he was called upon to throw risky hail mary passes at the end of the game.

    Give Geno a fair shot at QB. There is no upside to Fitzy at his age. There may be to Geno.


    Please, Fitz. We need you, buddy