Joe McKnight Shooting: Elmo Lee says stepson and former USC Trojans RB was to sign with Vikings?

Elmo Lee says stepson and former USC Trojans RB was to sign with Vikings?

Joe McKnight died after he got fatally shot Thursday following an argument in Terrytown, Louisiana. His stepfather, Elmo Lee, stated the former Trojans running back was getting his way back into the NFL before his death.

According to, Lee revealed that McKnight agreed to a deal with the Vikings and was to sign up. Then, the incident happened. He added that McKnight, 28, only wanted to play football ever since he was six years old.

“I just want people to know that this was not a troubled kid. The boy was just trying to make it back in the NFL, that’s all he wanted to do,” Lee said. “I’ve known him from six, and this is just senseless, and it has to stop. Somewhere it has to stop.”

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Suspect behind his death

In a report from the New Orleans Times-Picayune, authorities have arrested a 54-year-old suspect in connection with the incident. Witnesses stated that McKnight was apologizing to a man following an argument in an intersection in the suburb near New Orleans. It was then that the suspect pulled a gun and fired multiple shots that instantly killed McKnight.

The former Jets’ and Chiefs’ running back was later identified by family members who rushed to the scene. McKnight practically grew up in the area after his family got uprooted after Hurricane Katrina. He played high school football and eventually became a star playing for the USC Trojans.

McKnight got drafted into the NFL in 2010 by the Jets and played until 2012. He then got released by the team and signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014. But got injured with a torn Achilles tendon and got ruled out for the rest of the season.

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After two years of recovering from his injury, McKnight would get back into playing football signing with the Edmonton Eskimos. But he would be later released due to fumbling issues with the team. The Saskatchewan Roughriders would acquire McKnight’s services in October 2016 and would make a huge comeback.

He rushed for 150 yards on 17 carries in his CFL debut and managed to get one for three yards. With his untimely death, friends, teammates, and fans pour out their support to his family who is demanding justice.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Creative Commons

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