Johnny Manziel News: Ex-QB accused of thrashing mansion owned by Danny Fitzgerald and not paying rent bills?

Johnny Manziel News: Ex-QB accused of thrashing mansion owned by Danny Fitzgerald and not paying rent bills?

Former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is making noise once again but this time, his finances are taking center stage. Rumors are swirling that Manziel owes Danny Fitzgerald a huge sum of money for thrashing a rented mansion in Hollywood.

TMZ reports that  Fitzgerald, who is into the real estate business, stated that a guy named Bryan Chase rented one of his mansions. The house up in Hollywood Hills and Fitzgerald found out that aside from Chase, Manziel, and OVO Ryan also moved in.

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Fitzgerald added that Manziel would pay the rent of the house amounting to $25,000 a month together with other utilities for the said house. Turns out that aside from paying rent for the house, Manziel and friends had turned into a party zone and forgot to pay rent until the month of Oct.

The real estate entrepreneur stated that neighbors called the police several times to report a disturbance to their peace. Reports of loud parties that the group hosted have damaged some doors, windows and more amounting to $180,000.

“It’s like this is a movie about a frat house … but the worst frat house you have ever seen. It’s like Charles Manson is living here,” Fitzgerald said.

Manziel answered the allegations saying that he never rented the house and that he was staying at a friend’s house. He added that Fitzgerald is just dragging his name on the issue. Manziel explained that Fitzgerald is upset with one of his friends and wants media attention and that is why he dragged his name into the situation.

“I never rented a house in the hills,” Manziel says. “I’ve stayed with a friend when I’ve been in L.A. which, as of late, has not been much. This guy is upset with a friend of mine and dragging me into it.”

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Fitzgerald is threatening to sue Manziel and his friends if they do not pay for all the damages to the house. Manziel has not issued a formal statement on the matter as he is still busy filling the paper works for the “Johnny Football” trademark.

ESPN reports that Manziel and his company, JMan2 Enterprises, filed paperwork to earn from the said trademark. Manziel has not signed with any football team and it seems teams are not interested in him until he gets professional help.

Manziel had his fallout when the Browns cut ties with him following his off-the-field activities including substance and alcohol problems. He then went back to his alma mater to attend class and continue his college education.

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