LA Rams unsure between Case Keenum & Jared Goff as starter, mutual agreement to release Nick Foles

LA Rams unsure between Case Keenum & Jared Goff as starter, mutual agreement to release Nick Foles

American football quarterback Nick Foles joined the St. Louis Rams last year with great promise. He came in by way of Sam Bradford when the Philadelphia Eagles traded him in a package that involved a 2015 fourth-round pick, and a 2016 second-round pick.

Nick Foles’ started with the Rams in a dramatic fashion, with his first game against the Rams’ rival Seattle Seahawks. It was a game that would quickly put his worth to the test, and Foles stepped up his game.

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His lone passing touchdown pushed the game into overtime, where his twenty-two-yard pass set up the team’s final field goal that won the match.

Nick Foles played well the following week, and improved in terms of accuracy, and the Rams defeated the Arizona Cardinals for the first time in the season. But that is where his value for the team practically ends.

He has struggled since, and his inconsistency cost him to lose his position to Case Keenum. He had another chance to rebuild his game after Keenum’s injury, but it ended up even worse.

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The St. Louis Rams has now relocated to Los Angeles and has moved on from a failed Noles’ promise.

After only one season that involved a rare trade of starting quarterbacks, the LA Rams has finally decided to release quarterback Nick Foles. The latter was reportedly disgruntled since the team traded up to choose Jared Goff with the number one pick in the draft this spring.

Sources say it was Foles who requested for the release, and the team decided on it knowing he wouldn’t have any issues getting hired as a free agent. He was rumored to be unhappy with the setup and an absentee during team activities last month.

It is not yet clear if Jared Goff or Case Keenum will start for the LA Rams in their season opener in San Francisco in September.

Photo Courtesy: Lpdrew/Wikimedia

  • hexor

    Mark F. Villanueva ~ The Rams are pretty sure about Case Keenum sir! Hence Foles is gone…COO, GM, Head Coach all have said many times Case Keenum is the starter! Funny how you guys cant except it…LoL You Think Goff is better than Case “Freaking” Keenum…Please explain…LEt me go get my boots on because it’s about to get deep in here! LoL

  • John Fitch

    Like Jeff Fisher said He knows he can win games with Case Keenum now. The unknown is Goff. Keenum is a smart QB that has gotten better every year he’s been in the league without regressing. So I guess we will see if that trend continues. I love how people talk about his stats last year as if he was the starter from the beginning of the year. They brought him in and played him very very very conservative. And he played very solid in all the games besides the Baltimore game his first game start. But than quickly created some chemistry with the other players. So I would love to see how he does starting from the beginning with all those 1st team reps from training camp. All I know is I can’t wait til Hard Knocks

  • John Fitch

    I stole this from another commenter. Case Keenum had the best 4 career starts for a undrafted free agent QB in NFL history…2013 Texans were a beat up broken team that had the previous 2 QBs murdered behind their horrific OLine! The previous 2 QBs were getting cheered at home when hit and hurt! Matt Schaub had a standing ovation at home when hurt and taken out! 2013 the first time Case Keenum came off the practice squad 1st time he dressed for a regular NFL game with 5 days to prep was @KC vs a 7-0 KC team #1 Defense in NFL..The week before KC broke the loudest sporting stadium in history…Texans lost by 1 point & the kicker missed a chip shot…Keenum had the 2 longest completion for the Texans up to that point of the season in that game which he broke the following week 2 more times…Next week vs Colts Thursday night football threw 3 TDs to Andre Johnson in the 1st half…”DRE” had his best game 2 games EVER with Keenum #QB…Gary Kubiak had a stroke on the field before half time and the Deffense gave the game away…Keenum kept them in all those games when the Texans were getting LoL off the field before he came in! Keenum was #1 rated QB at 20+ yards passing & had the best deep ball accuracy in the NFL Aaron Rodgers was #2…2014 Keenum came of the Rams practice squad out of a tree stand deer hunting…5 days to prep week 14 back to Texans and beat one of the best pass rushes in the NFL not giving up 1 sack & a win the next week helping the Texans to a 9-7 winning season…2015/last year Keenum’s 158 passer rating is #1 All-Time #Rams for a regular season game & Keenum is the 1st QB since 2004 to beat The Seahawks in Seattle! over 20,000 yards, 178 TDs, completed 70% of his passes in college…Case Keenum has to be the most Over Qualified Underrated QB in NFL History! Man the guys stays so humble and determined & knows nothing is ever given it must be earned! The Rams roll with Keenum this year look for Case to help lead them back to #HTown for Super Bowl 51! Talk about an unbelievable & amazing journey/story that would be!