Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife, Khalilah, tells Colin Kaepernick to ‘prove he care for all people, not just his people’

Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife, Khalilah, tells Colin Kaepernick to ‘prove he care for all people, not just his people’

Muhammad Ali’s ex-wife Khalilah Camacho-Ali says that she is willing to help disgruntled quarterback Colin Kaepernick in his cause. But here is the catch, Kaepernick needs to apologize first and prove he cares for all people and not just “his people.”

TMZ managed to interview Khalilah Camacho-Ali who stated that she is willing to talk to Kaepernick. She stated that she would ask Kaepernick what concrete plans he has and how he plans to execute them. But before she could extend a helping hand, Khalilah stress that he needs to apologize first.

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“The first thing I would do is ask him about his stance on humanity … what exactly is he trying to improve and how is he going to make that happen? Next, I’d have him make retractions for his actions against the American flag. He needs to apologize,” Khalilah said.

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Khalilah, who married the boxing legend in 1967 and divorced him in 1977, explained that once Kaepernick apologizes then they could collaborate on issues that deal with racism. She stated that she could help Kaepernick make the right decisions and share his message in a better way.

“I helped Muhammad decide whether he was going to the army or going to jail. He listened to my every word. You see the impact that had on our nation? Colin could absolutely have the same impact if he made the right decisions that really matter,” Khalilah added.

Khalilah, 66, noted that once Kaepernick gets off his “high horse” and humbles himself, she would introduce him to various cause-oriented groups that share his passion. She stressed that Kaepernick needs to prove that he cares not only for black people but for all people who suffer other injustices.

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Khalilah thinks what Kaepernick does is a noble cause, but needs the right perspective. She notes that if Kaepernick does her advice, then he will see a greater number of people who are willing to fight with him and that include her.

Photo Courtesy: Alexandria K Passe/Flickr

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