NFL: 49ers, Eagles to stick with disgruntled quarterbacks Kaepernick, Bradford

NFL: 49ers, Eagles to stick with disgruntled quarterbacks Kaepernick, Bradford

After the NFL Draft, both the San Francisco 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles have nowhere else to go as they are going to stick it out with their respective disgruntled quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Sam Bradford.

Colin Kaepernick is going nowhere this after the Denver Broncos took in Paxton Lynch and the 28-year old quarterback has to live with the fact that no teams will give him an $11.9 million guaranteed. Had he agreed to the pay cut that the Broncos was offering, he could be well-off with the team he had issues as well and would have moved on from there.

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Instead, Kaepernick insisted on a higher paycheck that left him where he is still, with the 49ers. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell gave his opinion that all Kaepernick could do is sit it out with the 49ers, repackage himself and reconstruct his contract so that next season teams could make do with a better offer for him.

“There’s no real obvious trade destination for Kaepernick at this point, and the 49ers have mostly shrugged at his trade requests. They need a quarterback more than any other team in football, and even if Kaepernick doesn’t want to stay in the long-term, the best thing for him might be to try to rebuild his value in San Francisco in 2016,” Barnwell writes.

Kaepernick had all last month to talk things over with the Broncos and yet he let it pass as he demanded a higher pay. And if he shows a bit of attitude, the 49ers are not afraid to sit him out on the bench as they also have Blaine Gabbert, who will be his rivals for the starting post this coming season. They also have Thad Lewis, Dylan Thompson and sixth-round pick Jeff Driskel at their disposal, so Kaepernick must also have eyes at the back of his shoulder of he wants the starting job as well.

A league source told the Sacramento Bee that Kaepernick is back throwing a bit and doctors will have him clear by the end of the month from an injured left shoulder that required surgery.

Just like Kaepernick, Sam Bradford of the Philadelphia Eagles is also going nowhere but in the City of Brotherly Love. Bradford signed with the Eagles two months before choosing Carson Wentz, which irked him so bad that he wanted to be traded, but the Eagles management has stood its grounds that they would not trade Bradford nor entertain any trade offers from any team.

Eagles’ general manager Howie Roseman was very clearly in stating that Bradford would stay as the team’s starter in the immediate aftermath of the Browns trade. Even Bradford’s agent Tom Condon told pro football talk that there is no competition between his client and Wentz for the starting post since Wentz is still not pro ready.

“I know people say, ‘Well, why doesn’t he just compete and win the job? There is no real competition. If you’ve given up the draft choices [to trade up] and he’s the second pick in the draft, he’s playing. That’s all there is to it. You’re holding the card until you’re replaced, and as far as the club is concerned, and I would guess the fans, the sooner, the better,” Condon said.

Simply put it that Bradford was insulted by the Eagles who made trade offers just to be able to pick number two in the draft and by drafting a quarterback for the future of the team hurts his ego as well. Both Kaepernick and Bradford are capable quarterbacks who could lead a team to victories, such small scratch on their respective ego would not do so much damage if they would just focus on their job and that is to make plays and score touchdowns.

Photo Courtesy: Bill Report @bills_fanly/Twitter