NFL News: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says tackle on Tony Romo gave them a scare

NFL News: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says tackle on Tony Romo gave them a scare

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admitted that Thursday’s incident that had Romo hit from behind gave them a scare as health issues have been a major concern for the Cowboys.

Romo just had three snaps in the game before he was hit from behind by Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril. Immediately after the play, Romo could be seen reaching for his lower back before he could stand up and walk it out to the sidelines. The play had Jones to his feet but had the relief to know that Romo was alright.

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Jones went on to joke about the incident and told ESPN that he would spend a night at a hospital in Seattle after witnessing the incident. The Cowboys’ owner had a look of concern at the time Romo was hit. Romo had two operations on his back in 2013.

Jones noted that they do not want Romo in the sidelines when they open their season campaign against the New York Giants on Sept. 11.

“I just think, we, everyone had a scare,” Jones said. “He was not hurt, and he said he wasn’t hurt. Romo wanted to go back in. He could have gone back in and played.

For Romo, the hit was a test if he is battle ready for a grueling season. He admitted that the hit felt weird in a way but was lucky to get out of it and keep going. Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett did not bring Romo to the game as they wanted to make sure that he is okay. However, Garrett stated that Romo will under an MRI to check if everything is fine.

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Cowboys fans turned their ire on Avril for the incident and branded the hit as a “dirty play” on Romo. Avril explained his side on Twitter and stated that he is not in the business of hurting anyone. He hopes that people would stop accusing him of something that he is not.

Romo is the central piece of the Cowboys’ offense and losing him to an injury this coming season would spell trouble for them. This obviously because of backup quarterback Kellen Moore is also out with an injury while rookie Dak Prescott is still not seen as starting option.

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