NFL News: Jets, Fitzpatrick hopes to end drama series

NFL News: Jets, Fitzpatrick hopes to end drama series

With two months to go before training camp, the New York Jets and their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick should have ended their long stand out and be able to move forward if they want to start winning again.

Rumors are swelling that both camps have yet to find a common ground for them to agree upon and the Jets are the only team in the NFL which does not have a starting quarterback in contract. Fitzpatrick is asking for a two-year $28 million deal after making $3.25 million last year, which the Jets refused to give, instead they are offering a pay hike between $7-$8 million per year, which Fitzpatrick sees way below for a starter like him.

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Thus a stalemate is in place since March and observers like Gary Myers of NY Daily writes that someone has to give in at some point since it would be better for the team. Fitzpatrick is well loved by his teammates and they could not see themselves out in the field without their prized quarterback. Reconstructions of contract could work as well but both camps have to agree upon the clauses in the contract for it to work.

Fitzpatrick has already sent out a warning that if he does not get what is due for him, he would rather sit it out for the rest of the season. It may sound alarming as the Jets only has Geno Smith and Bryce Petty as quarterbacks on their roster with rookie Christian Hackenberg. The Jets need Fitzpatrick and they need to reconsider their offer for the 33-year old Harvard graduate.

Fitzpatrick believes that he deserves to get paid higher as he led the team to a playoff hunt last season and he stresses that he can do it again this coming season. According to Travis Pulver of Celebrity Net Worth, Fitzpatrick threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter of the season finale last year that could be a warning sign for the team’s front office to worry that the best of Fitzpatrick has come to an end.

Aside from having their ongoing problem with Fitzpatrick, the Jets made two roster moves Monday after signing cornerback Bryson Keeton and parting ways with tight end Adrien Robinson.

James Parks of  NYJ247 writes that Keeton was one of the 22 others who made the team’s tryout minicamp held last week. He also combined for 21 tackles and defended 14 passes, third-best in the FCS, the last two seasons at Montana State while Robinson signed a reserve deal with the Jets five months ago. He had five receptions with their MetLife rivals in the 2014 campaign before being listed as one of their final cuts.

If Fitzpatrick and the Jets do not agree on any terms, the Jets could be vulnerable in the coming season without a seasoned quarterback and it will also not be good for Fitzpatrick as he will send a wrong signal to the other teams who are possibly looking to get him mid-season next summer.

The Jets fans hope that a decision will be made soon and that it will be for the good of the team.

Photo Courtesy: Jeffrey Beall/Wikimedia