NFL Pre-season Update: Rams are being patient with Jared Goff as Case Keenum’s backup?

NFL Pre-season Update: Rams are being patient with Jared Goff as Case Keenum’s backup?

If other teams are a bit shaky with their quarterbacks, the Los Angeles Rams are extending patience with rookie Jared Goff. The Rams see potential in Goff as a backup to Case Keenum when the season starts.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher tells Pro Football Talks that Goff is progressing and learning from his mistakes. Fisher sees potential in Goff and with the way things are going, the 21-year old California native could land a backup gig behind Keenum, who will start for the Rams this season.

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“What I’ve been saying since day one is we’re going to be patient with him. Case [Keenum] is our starter. And again, patience is the word. You can put it in quotes,” Fisher said.

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Goff proved his worth after completing eight of 12 passes for a total of 82 yards that translated one touchdown in their game against the Kansas City Chiefs. His numbers are far better when they played the Dallas Cowboys in week one of the pre-season.

As Goff is doing well, critics will always be there to look for any fault on him. Many see that Goff still needs more time to develop his talent. While others say that being the number one draft this year does not guarantee that Goff will be an effective quarterback anytime soon.

Pressure mounts behind Goff, but it does not stop him from learning and improving as the days go by. Critics will follow Goff’s development one game at a time and it will be up to him to prove them wrong. Though Keenum and Sean Mannion are the top two quarterbacks the Rams have, Goff is not far behind as he too can run the plays.

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Fisher and the Rams are not rushing things with Goff. The season is long and Goff can improve on his skills. Many might see that he still needs a lot of polishing to move up the ranks of becoming either a starter or backup quarterback.

Goff is now feeling the pressure of being the number one pick this year. He has to remember that Fisher is there to guide him along the way. The Rams have faith that he will go on as one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Goff only needs to work hard and believe that the Rams chose him because they too believe he can.

Photo Courtesy: Praveer Sharma/Flickr