NFL Rumors: Browns tell Cowboys, Vikings that Josh McCown is no cheap deal

NFL Rumors: Browns tell Cowboys, Vikings that Josh McCown is no cheap deal

The Cleveland Browns knows the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings interest on Josh McCown but tells them that it is not that cheap. Rumors are swirling that the Browns are asking for a higher pick in exchange for the quarterback.

Both the Cowboys and Vikings are battling to get the Browns to trade McCown as they are short-handed in the quarterback position. The Cowboys lost Tony Romo due to a back injury sustained during the match against the Seahawks while the Vikings lost Teddy Bridgewater due to a torn ACL. The Browns know well how to play their cards and tell both teams that whoever gives a high draft pick offer will get their nod.

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The Cowboys tried to get the Browns to trade McCown before but backed out as the asking price was too high for them to give in. Now that Romo is uncertain of his timetable to recover from his injury, the Cowboys will try their luck to get the Browns to agree with them in a trade.

Not far behind the Cowboys are the Vikings, who also lost their starting quarterback due to an injury. Like the Cowboys, the Vikings are likely to get the same answer. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the Vikings are exploring all possibilities to get the 37-year old backup quarterback for the Browns.

The Vikings have an extra third and a fourth rounder picks for the 2017 NFL Draft and one of it could get them McCown to their roster. Aside from taking in McCown, the Vikings will pick up his two remaining year contract with the Browns projected at $4.375 million this year, and $3.625 million next year.

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If both the Cowboys and Viking could not come to terms with the Browns, they can also explore other options including Colin Kaepernick, Mark Sanchez, Mike Glennon and Michael Vick. The NFL has started on a bad note with potential starting quarterbacks getting injured. Teams know only a few quarterbacks could lead a team this season and the Browns are just making both ends meet on their part.

To the tune of the Browns asking price in exchange for McCown, it is likely that they would not want to part with him. The Browns need McCown if Robert Griffin III gets himself injured as the season draws near. But if both the Cowboys and Vikings would be able to send a trade offer that the Brown could not refuse, things might go the other direction.

Photo Courtesy: Erik Drost/Flickr