NFL Rumors: Cowboys-49ers trade involving Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick?

NFL Rumors: Cowboys-49ers trade involving Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick?

Colin Kaepernick is unhappy with the San Francisco 49ers while Tony Romo is injured again for the Dallas Cowboys. NFL rumors of a Cowboys-49ers trade involving Romo and Kaepernick is possible if both teams want to move on from their veteran quarterbacks.

Dallas has an option to go with Dak Prescott, the 23-year-old rookie quarterback in the roster, who will most likely take over the starting QB spot while Romo is out. But he’s too inexperienced to have a major role in Dallas despite a good preseason showing with the Cowboys.

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Dallas could go with Colin Kaepernick, who is not guaranteed to start at the QB spot for the 49ers next season. Blaine Gabbert has been more impressive than Kaepernick in training camp and preseason. According to NFL rumors and analysis, and the 49ers want to unload Colin’s big contract.

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The 49ers can do the Kaepernick for Romo trade because Kaepernick’s contract is longer than Romo. According to Spotrac, Kaepernick will be paid $19 million per season until 2020. Romo will be paid about $36 million in 2016 and 2017 and he will be a free agent after next season.

San Francisco will save some money if they get the injury-prone Romo, who is hurt again early in the season after injuring his back in a preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks Thursday.

Romo is out for half a season and the 49ers can be patient in waiting for his return because of the presence of Gabbert.

For the Cowboys, Kaepernick will have a chance to revive his career in Dallas, if Prescott is not good enough to be the starting QB for the team.

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These are all NFL rumors and speculations for now but Dallas and San Francisco might consider the Tony Romo for Colin Kaepernick trade if they want to move on from the frustrations from their previous starting quarterbacks.

Photo courtesy: Mike Morbeck/Wikimedia Commons

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    Even JJ isn’t that stupid. I wouldn’t give a baloney taco for him.



  • Tallaman

    I cannot imagine that the good people of Texas would support a misguided loser like CK one iota. Dallas fans would boo him out of the stadium during his first appearance…that is if anyone cares to show up!

  • rockethtown .

    This is made up..Nothing to it..It’s click bait and we all fell for it

  • PatsPatsPats!

    Both are chokers but Dallas needs something so Colin with Cowboys works. He won’t stand up on national anthems though. LOL

    • Mike Dougherty

      Better check your facts. Romo has more 4th qtr. comebacks than any other QB in the league. He is more clutch than any other QB in the league.

  • Mike Dougherty

    Only an idiot would write a story like this. Is New England and Cleveland switching QB’s also?

  • Zean Jacobs

    Well yeah at least Cowboys improve a bit… Kap is nice.

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    It takes more than CK to get Romo out of the Cowboys….Just saying

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    What a load of horse manure. Never will this happen.