NFL Rumors: Cowboys, Chiefs in a tug-of-war to sign FA Nick Foles?

NFL Rumors: Cowboys, Chiefs in a tug-of-war to sign FA Nick Foles?

Free agent Nick Foles has become a hot item as rumors are swirling that the Dallas Cowboys and the Kansas City Chiefs are engaged in a tug-of-war to sign the quarterback before the start of the season.

Cowboys President and General Manager Jerry Jones stated that they are in close contact with Foles’ agent and added they see a “mutual interest” in the ongoing talks. The Cowboys suddenly wanted to sign Foles after backup quarterback Kellen Moore suffered an ankle injury during the team’s practice Tuesday. Foles, who was traded by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015, was released last week by the L.A. Rams after a lackluster performance last season.

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Jones in an early statement dismissed any notion for them to take in Foles not until the Moore injury happened. But it seems that the Chiefs have gotten the upper hand in the negotiations as NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported that Foles has agreed to terms with the team. By agreeing with the Chiefs, Foles is going to be reunited with former Head Coach Andy Reid.

The Cowboys wanted to take in Foles to put a veteran quarterback behind Tony Romo as they could not place the fate of the team in the hands of rookie Dak Prescott. Now that Foles has agreed to terms with the Chiefs, he is hoping to relive the awesome performance he once did with the Eagles back in 2013. Foles threw a total of 2,891 yards that translated to 27 touchdowns with two interceptions. It was also the time wherein Foles led the Eagles to their first NFC East division title in three years.

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Though the Rams release of Foles may have come too late, his credentials did not take too long to convince the Chiefs that he would be a right for them. This is not the first time that the Chiefs had interest with Foles. Reid noted that after the 2013 season, he has been very vocal in bringing in Foles to help mold their young arms.

Reid believes that Foles would fit in with the Chiefs as he is very familiar with the offensive staff of the team. Now Foles can relax a bit as he will not be unemployed anymore, he just needs to prove that his 2013 performance was no fluke.

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