NFL Rumors: Cowboys could face sanctions if tampered rules in signing Mark Sanchez?

NFL Rumors: Cowboys could face sanctions if tampered rules in signing Mark Sanchez?

The Dallas Cowboys signed Mark Sanchez over the weekend to bring in a veteran arm as Dak Prescott’s back up. Rumors, however, are swirling that the Cowboys could face possible sanctions if proven they have tampered league rules in acquiring Sanchez.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports that the Cowboys would end up with severe penalties if they indeed contacted, negotiated, and signed Sanchez while he was still a property of the Denver Broncos. However, it is a vague situation as to decide if the Cowboys did violate such league rule. The NFL has yet to issue a statement about the matter.

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The scene that will not merit any sanctions for the Cowboys is if the league managed to officially tell all teams that the Broncos have cut ties with Sanchez before they signed him. It remains a very tiny loophole to look into, but if proven that they have violated such league rule the Cowboys could be fined, could cost a draft pick or other punishment.

Sanchez fell out favor from the Broncos after his dismal performance with the team in their pre-season matches. He was to replace Peyton Manning who eventually retired after winning Super Bowl 50 against the Carolina Panthers. During the pre-season matches, Sanchez could lead the team to plays and fumbled the ball that drew negative reactions from the Bronco’s front office.

Sanchez wanted to stay as a Bronco and even stated that he would take a pay cut just to make the team roster. But eventually, the Broncos decided on his fate before the roster deadline Saturday. The Cowboys, however, were in search for a backup arm to rookie Dak Prescott, who has found favor to take the starting post. This was after Tony Romo took a nasty a hit from Seahawks defender Cliff Avril from behind the play.

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With Romo out for some time, the Cowboys went on panic mode to look for a reliable arm which the found in Sanchez. Back with the Broncos, Sanchez felt the pressure to secure the starting quarterback position that he competed with Trevor Siemian. Sanchez eventually lost his focus in the process when the team leaned on naming Siemian as their starting quarterback with Paxton Lynch as his backup.

Before cutting ties with Sanchez, the Broncos tried to trade him but his $4.5 million catch was not so ideal for teams around the league. They had no other course but to cut him loose. By signing with the Cowboys, the Dallas Morning News reported that Sanchez will receive a base deal of $2 million but could increase to $5.375 million based on play time and team performance incentives.

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