NFL Rumors: Cowboys to settle with Rookie QB as Tony Romo’s backup?

NFL Rumors: Cowboys to settle with Rookie QB as Tony Romo’s backup?

It seems the Dallas Cowboys are gambling on their rookie quarterbacks Dak Prescott and Jameill Showers as rumors are swirling that the Cowboys would settle for either of the two as Tony Romo’s backup at the start of the season.

The Cowboys are looking for an efficient arm who could possibly replace Romo if he would not be able to play due to health reasons. Romo’s supposed backup, Kellen Moore, got injured during practice with a fractured ankle and timetable will not be helpful to the Cowboys’ cause. Team owner Jerry Jones then wanted to get Nick Foles but the Kansas City Chiefs managed to sign him up.

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Now, Jones is impressed at how Prescott and Showers have adjusted during the team’s practice held over the weekend. It seems that Jones is not worried on who will the team turn to if the time comes that Romo will not be fit to call the shots for the Cowboys.

Many doubt if either Prescott and Showers would be able to do the job but Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram through FoxSports that he is confident that their talented roster.

“I’m more encouraged after this about holding our pat hand on a veteran than before this. As we go along and if we continue to see this kind of improvement and this kind of instinctive play, I can really get comfortable back there,” Jones said.

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Jones noted that both Prescott and Showers played well during their practices. He added that if Romo would unavailable in time for the opening of the season, then it will be either Prescott or Showers who will have to step up their game and take the starting position.

It would be a gamble for the Cowboys if they would put the fate of their campaign in the hands of two untested quarterbacks. But if what Jones has seen during the team’s practice would be brought on the playing field, then the Cowboys gamble might pay off.