NFL Rumors: Cowboys would have dumped Johnny Manziel?

NFL Rumors: Cowboys would have dumped Johnny Manziel?

Dallas Cowboys vice president, Stephen Jones gave his honest opinion and stressed out that they would have dumped Johnny Manziel if he had any hopes of playing for the Cowboys this season.

Jones explained that there was no chance for Manziel to play with the Cowboys as he had more personal issues to take care of. Had the Cowboys took him, Manziel would serve a four-game suspension in connection with his substance violation. Jones added that it is one of the aspects which Manziel needs to work on and reflect on how to get his old self back in the field.

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At a time when Manziel is having troubles with the Cleveland Browns, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has expressed his interest in the former Heisman Trophy winner. There was a mutual interest from the troubled Manziel as well, who told TMZ that he wanted to play for the Cowboys. But with his off-field issues taking its toll, Jones had gone mum on whether they would still pursue the Texas native.

“I hope he is able to get his hands around his life, and at some point, if he does, I’m sure he’ll get another chance, but at the moment, it certainly won’t be in Dallas,” Jones said.

Manziel’s journey to rock bottom started when the Browns released him back in March. He would then begin his party escapade traveling to Las Vegas and Mexico. Had he signed up with a team for next season, he would have to serve a four-game suspension stemming for violating the league’s substance policy.

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His list of unwanted things in his resume would continue as he was indicted on a misdemeanor assault charge after being accused of hitting and threatening his ex-girlfriend. Family, close friends, and fans have expressed concern about Manziel’s well-being as he might get himself killed one day.

A sense of hope prevailed when Manziel stated that he is ready to straighten his life as he lost two agents, who could not keep up with his off-field escapades. But, it seems that Manziel is not yet ready for change as he was reportedly spotted drinking at the outskirts of New York City last weekend.

If Manziel stuck to his word of becoming sober for a year, the Cowboys might have given him a second chance. But, he messed things up resulting in him being unemployed for one season.

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