NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys interested in signing Nick Foles?

NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys interested in signing Nick Foles?

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to climb their way back to contention and rumors are swirling that the Cowboys are interested in signing quarterback Nick Foles, who was released by the L.A. Rams this Wednesday.

The Cowboys are looking for a steady arm going into the new season as Tony Romo is still uncertain if he would be healthy for another season. Romo reinjured his left shoulder in their Thanksgiving loss to the Carolina Panthers. Since then, Romo was placed on the injured list and the Cowboys want a veteran arm to lead the team.

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Foles might not be an A-list quarterback with his terrible season with the Rams last year, but having him on the Cowboys roster could give them a veteran especially if Romo would not be available this coming season. Aside from Romo, the Cowboys have Kellen Moore, Dak Prescott, and Jameill Showers as backup quarterbacks.

When Romo is not the field for the Cowboys, they have completely struggled in their campaign and getting Foles might turn things around as Foles is seeking to redeem himself. The Cowboys will not gamble of putting their fate in the hands of Dak Prescott, who is still a rookie.

Despite his unimpressive stint with the Rams last season, Foles still gets good recommendations from coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher explained that releasing Foles was best for both parties and wishes him luck in his future.

“We have been in contact with Nick and his representation throughout the offseason and we feel that this is the best decision for all parties involved,” Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher said in a team statement. “We appreciate the contributions that Nick has made to our organization in his time as a Ram and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

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Though Foles’ numbers for the Rams last season was not that impressive, his playing days with the Philadelphia Eagles proved otherwise. He threw 27 touchdowns against just two interceptions in 13 games for the Eagles in 2013.

If the Cowboys give Foles the chance, the 27-year old out of Austin, Texas might be able to rekindle his performance with the Eagles back then. Ironically, if the Cowboys take him, it would be remembered that it was him who beat the Cowboys in 2013 and led the Eagles to their first NFC East division title.

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