NFL Rumors: Jay Cutler to be traded by the Chicago Bears with acquisition of vet QB Brian Hoyer?

NFL Rumors: Jay Cutler to be traded by the Chicago Bears with acquisition of vet QB Brian Hoyer?

The Chicago Bears have signed quarterback Brian Hoyer to a one-year deal after six other NFL teams reportedly showed interest in signing the free agent QB this 2016 NFL offseason. The move could open NFL rumors that starting QB Jay Cutler could be traded by the Bears in the upcoming season.

Jeff Dickerson of ESPN confirmed the Hoyer to Chicago deal, stating that the short-term contract is worth $2 million.

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“I like that Dowell has been with him, has a lot of comfort with him. I’ve watched him play over the years. A very intelligent player. I know he’s got a strong work ethic because we’ve got coaches that have been with him. I think he’s a really good piece to add to the mix,” Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace said in the article.

Hoyer, who played last year for the Houston Texans, is expected to serve as Cutler’s backup at quarterback to start the season but NFL rumors involving the QB situation in Chicago is expected throughout the year especially if the Bears struggles to contend for the postseason.

“I like the idea of having an experienced backup there. It’s important for that position, and it just gives us security going forward,” Pace added.

Having an experienced QB should put the Bears in a good position to explore Cutler trades this season and such talk will be included in the NFL rumors especially if Cutler struggles to give Chicago wins again in the upcoming season.

Photo courtesy: Erik Daniel Drost/Wikimedia Commons

  • Chris

    You are a moron cutler is not the reason we did not win alot of games last year take your packer fan like view and stick it you know where! Over 90 passer ratiing for the year with no receivers give me a break! Lol

  • Greg Paglini

    The Sports Media has been trying to drive Cutler out of Chicago for 7 years, Jay Cutler 7, Sports Media 0. Go Cutty and Go bears