NFL Rumors: Mark Sanchez won’t make Broncos cut? Final roster out before the weekend

NFL Rumors: Mark Sanchez won’t make Broncos cut? Final roster out before the weekend

The Denver Broncos front office has stated that before the weekend they will announce its final list that will make the cut for the upcoming season. Rumors are swirling that quarterback Mark Sanchez won’t make the cut.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter reported that Sanchez will not likely make the cut this weekend. Sanchez fell out of favor with the Broncos’ leadership after two fumbles against the 49ers in their pre-season match. Since then Sanchez never made his way again on the field as he sits out a pre-season match against the Rams.

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The Broncos have until 4 p.m. Friday to complete their 53-man roster for the season and many believe that Sanchez’s name is not on the list. By releasing Sanchez, the Broncos would save $3.5 million and get back their seventh-round pick from the Philadelphia Eagles from the trade.

The Broncos names Trevor Siemian as their starting quarterback for the season with rookie Paxton Lynch as his backup. The situation bumped off Sanchez in Gary Kubiak’s rotation system. 9News reported that Sanchez is willing to take a pay cut to stay with the Broncos this year, but the team has yet to decide on the matter.

Before cutting Sanchez from the active roster, the Broncos tried to put him on the trading block. They knew that a few of the quarterbacks are left waiting to get a backup role, but the Broncos did not get any positive response from the Cowboys, Vikings, Seahawks, and the 49ers. Thus, the Broncos have no other recourse but to cut ties with him.

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It was also noted that the Broncos will announce the final roster after the Saturday deadline. After which, they will take a look on some waivers to fill in any needed position going into the season. The Broncos front office might consider looking for a quarterback, tight end, offensive lineman and possibly a defensive lineman.

Sanchez, if he gets cut by the Broncos, will have to make his agent start calling other teams. When Sanchez got traded to the Broncos many viewed him as the one who will carry the torch Peyton Manning did after winning Super Bowl 50. But now, Sanchez lost favor from the team and all decisions will hang before the roster deadline this weekend.

Photo Courtesy: Keith Allison/Flickr